Dustin Elliott


When I was in Elementary school I began to appreciate the benefits of being physically active because I was enrolled in Tae Kwon Do classes year round and I noticed it helped me to become stronger and more flexible than my peers. I started lifting in 8th grade after being asked by my peers to play sports and knowing full well from my years of martial arts that proper training had a direct correlation to improved performance.

After years of training in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, then playing a year of college football as a walk-on; I realized that what I loved most was the body's ability to change with the training stimulus it was presented with. After spending a lot of time with the team strength and conditioning coach I fell in love with exercise physiology and am now in the process of completing my Bachelors degree at Florida International University.

My new found passion for bodybuilding has lead to me competing in natural competitions and getting involved in the sports supplement industry. I've attended numerous big shows like the Arnold, and the Olympia; and I've had internships that have leaded me into working with Division I college athletes.


    Name: Dustin Elliott
    Forum Name: dstunna
    Hometown: Orlando, Florida
    Years Lifting: 9 years
    Favorite Bodypart: Abs
    Favorite Supplement: Betancourt Big Blend protein
    Favorite Bodybuilder: Jeff Beckham
    Occupation: Fitness model, Sports Nutrition sales representative
    BodySpace link: dstunna