Paul Eastwood


Key Performance Areas:

Knowledge And Reading -

Having been an undergraduate of Professor Bruce Davies, ex director of the British Olympic Medical Center, I have a great founding in elite sporting physiology including strength and conditioning as well as pulmonary physiology and biomechanics. Since then I am an avid reader/researcher of human movement and optimum health & fitness for the layman/woman.

I consider myself an Exercise & Nutrition specialist and use the following techniques to develop my clients to their genetic potential. Posture & muscular imbalances, functional training movements, dominant & recessive muscle activation testing, tonic & chiropractic stretching techniques, Muscle fiber type dominance, the 4 methods of core strengthening/tightening, exercise sequencing and program design including periodization with variances in application of 1) sports specific modelling (performance) and 2) function, stability, & strength (health).

All clients receive full nutrition counselling with metabolic typing for the most accurate and best results.

Experience And Aspirations -

I worked my way up to some of the premier clubs in London for the seven years I stayed there; working with some celebrities (pop stars and models) as well as many film executives. After London I came back to spend time in the US; here I have worked with the 'One Tree Hill' cast as well as achieving a successful fitness director role with o2 Fitness. Now I work as a consultant and trainer/physio as well as research and write for the health and fitness industry.

All the best in health and fitness!