Matt Wiggins


A strength athlete for 11+ years, MMA Weekly columnist, and moderator of the Strength & Conditioning forum at, Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins lives in Cameron, NC. He runs the strength, conditioning, and fitness website, authors strength training manuals, and designs personalized training programs for MMAists as well as other athletes and non-athletes online.


  • Tournament Preparation - Part 2.

    Keeping with the sample routine from Part 1 of Weight Dragging ... each week, add at least five minutes to your Weighted GPP sessions. Keep the same 4:1 work to rest ratio ...

  • Tournament Preparation - Part 1

    This week's article is the first of a two-part article discussing how to get into condition and prepare for a tournament.

  • Ultimate Burpees: What They Are And Why You Should Use Them.

    If ever there was a full body exercise, this has to be one. Burpees are a great cardio and endurance exercise.

  • Density Conditioning.

    Wiggy wants you to strive to either do more work in the same period of time each workout, or do the same amount of work in a shorter period of time each workout.

  • Strength-Endurance Training: Be Stronger... Longer.

    If you take a look at any activity in which increased strength would be beneficial, you need to take advantage of this over an extended period.