Bridget Lee


Background coming soon from Bridget Lee!

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs
Interests: Fitness, athletics, dance of all sorts & choreography of dance, and art.
Occupations: Aerobic instructor, cosmetologist, spin instructor, fitness model


  • Healthy Recipes With Bridget Lee!

    Here are some of recipes I enjoy when waking in the morning, training, or just part of a snack on the go. I've included recipes such as Breakfast Egg Pitas, Nutrition Bars, Halibut with Portobello, and more... Try them out!

  • Bridget's Energy Packed Breakfast For Athletes!

    Bridget will be bringing you great healthy recipes now on a regular basis. Come back often as we post the newest addition to her new recipe corner. This week we have a healthy breakfast. Try it out!

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