Name: Zach G.

Bodybuilding literally saved my life. I know I'm considerably smaller and less experienced than most of your writers, but I've done my research and I don't write anything unless I know what I'm talking about. I'm 166 lbs now, hoping to break a semi-lean 200 after winter. I couldn't live without, I feel like part of a family. This isn't a "I'll just BS my way through this article and get some cheap supplements" thing. This is my life!


  • All About Torque!

    The point of greatest stress on a muscle is always at the point where the limb in use is perpendicular to the force, so spending time at the stretch and contraction are not necessarily helpful, though a full range of motion is always necessary.

  • Mastering Your Shoulder Development.

    Find out why you are more than likely doing front and side lateral raises WRONG, how to fix them and how to get boulder shoulders!

  • The Mind Muscle Connection!

    Something is missing, but how could it be? The answer may simply be in your mindset while working out, the mind-muscle connection, or lack thereof.

  • Training For The Endomorph!

    This is just a beginning, as I'm currently planning on a huge training guide covering everything from diet to supplements designed with the endomorph in mind. All right, on to the meat of things.