Cory Schmidgall


Name: Cory Jon Schmidgall
Birthday: 08-29-1977 (born and raised in Morris, MN)
Weight: 225
Height: 6'3"
Occupation: Operations Manager - Lake View Concrete Products
Degree: BS in Exercise Physiology
Residence: 915 Highridge Rd. Apt 8, Carroll, IA 51401

Contact Info:

Athletic Background:

    High School -
  • Football 4-time letter, 3 time all-conference, 3 time all-area, 2 time all-state, 1 time All-America honorable mention; Basketball 4-time letter, 2 time all-conference; Track 5-time letter, 4-time all conference, 3 time all-state

  • 2 years basketball, 4 years football (All-American 1 time)

  • 6 years as free agent


  • Real Gainz Fitness Magazine
    Pen Name is: CORY J

Personal Training

  • ISSA Certified 2002-2006
  • 2006-present = freelance (mainly family and close friends)
  • (Recently helped fiancé loose 5" from 1/1/08 to 2/18/08 using 7 point measurement, neck, arm, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf)

Current Athletic Interests:

  • Basketball - REC league and men's league tournaments
  • Martial arts- Muay Thai kickboxing (instructor level) UFC, MMA
  • General Fitness- weight lifting, cardio, HIIT training, Circuit training, interval training, swimming, biking (when there's no snow!)
  • Golf - 1-2 times per week
  • Researching health and fitness topics

Fitness Goals:

  • -continue to expand my knowledge of health and fitness and athletic training
  • -add muscle mass and definition
  • -take care of nagging injuries and heal quickly
  • -continue to gain knowledge of overall fitness and health.
  • -increase vertical leap
  • -increase quickness and speed
  • -increase abdominal definition
  • -increase my overall well-being