Silent Mike


"Silent” Mike Farr is an elite powerlifter and weight-training coach based out of Northern California. His entire life he has strived for progress and now he continues this pursuit for himself and thousands of other people around the world.

He found his love of sports and athletics at an early age, basketball being his first passion. He set his sights on pursuing basketball at a competitive level, which led him into weight training. At 12 years old, he signed on with a strength coach who worked with top professional athletes, D1 College and top-level high school players.

After college, Mike spent the next four years coaching varsity high school basketball. During those years, he watched and read everything he could find on strength training, focusing on getting bigger and stronger. He became a certified personal trainer and started training a variety of people at a local commercial gym. During those years, Silent Mike was introduced to the Supertraining Gym. This natural transition allowed him to dive head first into strength and conditioning, learning first hand from Mark Bell and hundreds of the best athletes, powerlifters, strongmen, and coaches in the industry for the next five years.

Mike continues to push his own limits as an athlete while continually absorbing knowledge from his network of elite athletes and coaches around the world.

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