Jamie Hale


Jamie Hale is Sports Conditioning Coach, author, outdoor enthusiast, fitness and nutrition consultant. He has contributed to numerous exercise and sports publications (nationally and internationally). He has authored six books. Jamie is a member of the World Marital Arts Hall of Fame in recognition of his conditioning work with Martial Artists. He is considered by most in the fitness industry as a specialist in agility and comprehensive fitness training. He is also known for his ability to get bodybuilders lean and dry as a bone for competition. To learn more abut Jamie visit his website at www.maxcondition.com. He is available for seminars and camps as well. Jamie can be reached by phone at 859-737-2753.

What people are saying about Jamie Hale's products:

"This book is a must in any practitioner or enthusiast's library. It's the most in-depth work I've read on the subject." -Alan Aragon, author of Girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss and Muscle Gain, nutritional counselor, continuing education provider (www.alanaragon.com)

"I'm very impressed with your book and with your knowledge about the science of protein nutrition. It's great to know that there is someone else advising people on the basis of scientific research rather than canned recommendations." -Gerda Endemann, PhD, author of Fat Is Not The Enemy (www.healthyfat.com)

"One of the most useful books and tools you will ever find on the topic of protein. An excellent collection of facts outlined in detail. Very highly recommended to athletes, who will find this book an incredible study. In simple terms.it's the perfect guide to everything you need to know about protein." -MMA Sports Magazine

"One of the best trainers in the USA." -Gary Bliss, editor Massive Lifestyles magazine

For more info on Jamie Hale, please visit his "About Jamie" page.

Accomplishments: Bachelor's degree, Certified ISSA Trainer, USA Amateur Boxing judge, Owner of MaxCondition Sports Conditioning and Winchester Golden Gloves Boxing, Founder of the Steel Sledge (strength equipment), Mixed Martial Arts Co-Promoter, Author of MaxCondition For Sports Performance.

Jamie's accomplishments are too numerous to list here, so please visit his website for a full list.


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