Jon Huston


I got started lifting weights when I was in high school to stay in shape for baseball season. When I got out of high school and realized I wouldn't be able to play college ball I began lifting weights to get bigger and improve the way I felt about myself. I began my training in a small gym at a nearby junior college where I started my college career. It was open four hours a day, four days a week. I was there open to close every day.

I love bodybuilding because of the amount of self-discipline you acquire just by forcing yourself to the extreme. It is so easy some days to just stay home and watch Cartoon Network and eat Cap'n Crunch, but self-discipline will make you change clothes, take your Xenadrine, and get to the gym. I also love bodybuilding because that is the best way to meet people who can become life-long friends. I have met all of my best friends in the gym at one time or another.

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