Marc Lobliner


It was started by me, Marc Lobliner and a few close allies. I worked my way up to Personal Training Coordinator for Bally Total Fitness while in college and soon got recruited to work my dream job, the place that started it all - Weider Publications! I spent 5 years at Weider Publications in charge of Endemic Business Development and as a Senior Account Manager.

I acted as a marketing consultant to small, medium and large companies to help grow their business which would in turn lead to a natural growth in their advertising budgets. I loved this job immensely and still miss traveling with my business development partner, Richard Hart. We made a lot of stuff happen.

I reluctantly left Weider for a position as a founding member of INSTONE. I felt it was time for my career to progress and that I had topped out at Weider. Long story short - it didn't work out. I was about to leave the industry to go back into publishing for a mainstream company, but decided to stay around as a marketing consultant. From there, SciVation was created and Primaforce soon followed.

My educational background is in marketing and marketing communications and I am a former competitive powerlifter. I now train as a bodybuilder and for general health.