Danielle Nagel


Dedicated to the health and fitness lifestyle, Danielle found her self on a new life venture when she relocated from her hometown in Pennsylvania to the sunny Gulf Beaches of Florida in 1997. With a passion for fitness through a childhood of gymnastics, dance, rollerblading, aerobics, weight training, and water sports, it is no wonder to find her in the fitness arena today! Danielle's career in the fitness industry began in 1998, at the age 30, when she began training vigorously for her first competition with the WTF and ultimately fell in love with its concepts and the challenge of all its events.

Her background in marketing and promotions combined with her passion led her to begin a new career as she joined forces with promoter, Al Rosen. On the fitness scene, Danielle has accomplished a great deal as a nationally ranked obstacle course & fitness athlete. She has earned many fitness titles throughout the years competing in shows such as the Women's Tri-Fitness, Fitness America and the ESPN II Series, the Eliminator, and Ms. Fitness.

At the 2000 WTF World Challenge, Danielle placed 1st in her age group in Grace & Physique, Fitness Routine, Obstacle Course and Tri-Fitness. In addition, she placed 6th overall out of 123 competitors in Grace & Physique. Her most recent fitness successes include the 2001 WTF World Challenge Las Vegas where she placed in the top ten overall Tri-fitness and 7th place overall Grace & Physique. Also the fitness title of the NPC Hurricane Bay/Typhoon Bay Classic as well as both the fitness and figure title of the NPC Tampa Bay Coast to Coast. In addition, during the last several years Danielle has appeared in numerous fitness infomercials!Danielle's love for healthy cooking is continually inspired by her father, renowned Chef, Charles Drewett, C.E.C. She is presently working on her cookbook, "It's A Healthy Life", featuring her delicious healthy recipes and tips on how to look good and feel good naturally.

Her multi-faceted career also includes being a personal trainer and a nutrition and health educator. It is obvious that Danielle will remain an important part of the fitness community.


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