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Josh Hewett is a personal trainer and strength & conditioning specialist with Top Form Fitness. He also coaches and competes with Team Barbarian Strength Athletics.

Josh holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, as well as personal training qualifications from several agencies including CanFitPro. He is a qualified personal training specialist and competitive strength athlete with over 14 years of involvement in the health and fitness industry including employment, academic, competitive, and volunteer experience. Whether your goal is to improve your health and fitness, excel at your sport or hobby, or to recover from an injury, Josh is prepared to motivate and guide you toward reaching your objective.

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    - organized Ontario's first official University Powerlifting Club
    - own and manage Top Form Fitness, my personal training business
    - organized and promoted strongman competitions.
    - implemented performance assessment for National Ballet of Canada
    - coached strength athletes
    - trained athletes from a variety of sports (including soccer, hockey, basketball, skiing, golf, MMA)
    - designed and implemented exercise programs for personal training clients
    - instructed group exercise classes
    - led educational seminars and club meetings
    - provided televised commentary at Ontario's Strongest Man Competition
    - contributed articles to several newsletter columns.


    4th - Woodstock Strongman Contest, Lightweight Division, 2006
    2nd - Woodstock Strongman Contest, LightWeight Division, 2005
    1st - Halton Cup Qualifier 1, LightWeight Division, 2005
    3rd - Extreme Fitness Strongman Challenge, 2002
    1st - St.Thomas Middleweight Strongman Contest, 2002
    8th - Ontario's Strongest Man, 2002
    9th - Wasaga All Strength Challenge, 2002
    7th - Octoberfest Strongman Competition, 2001
    5th - Trenton Air Force Base All Strength Challenge, 2001
    1st - Deadlift on the Beach, 1999

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Josh Hewett Of Team Barbarian.


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