William Llewellyn


Molecular Nutrition was founded by supplement researcher, industry columnist and Anabolics 2000 author William Llewellyn with one goal in mind: establishing a company of integrity that produces innovative and effective sports supplements. Our launch products, some of the greatest achievements in the field of prohormone technology, are based on the patented and patent-pending designs of William and include Boldione (1,4 androstadienedione), 3-Alpha (5-alpha androstane 3-alpha, 17-beta diol) and Viratase (5-alpha androstanedione). These are respectively the most potent anabolic, androgenic and anti-estrogenic prohormones introduced to the supplement market to date, and have broken new ground in areas of oral bioavailability, active bioconversion rate and overall effectiveness.

At Molecular we believe that science and research are fundamental to a progressive company. In an industry filled with a myriad of supplement companies inundating consumers with product claims, we recognize that differentiating fact from fiction is not an easy task.

We want to make this decision easier by giving consumers the opportunity to see the sources instrumental in the development of our products. You will find that our advertising is heavily focused on the science behind our products, and marketing assertions are backed up with clear medical references. We do not believe in selling products through means such as misleading ads carefully disguised as articles, hyped-up recommendations from fictitious experts or the use of outrageous and unsubstantial claims.

We want Molecular Nutrition to be a name you can trust, and know that focusing on hard science, positive marketing and customer satisfaction and loyalty are going to be what ensures our success and longevity in this industry.


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