Derek Howes


When Derek Howes first started training people locally back in 2009, he quickly realized that the hardest part of getting a client in shape was getting them to focus on their diet. The combination of his love for sweets, love for the gym, and love for helping others led Howes to start creating recipes that would help his clients kick cravings, get protein, stop binge eating, and reach their goals!

One day, he decided to put one of his recipes up on his blog, and got great feedback from it. Having always had a drive for progression, Howes wanted to expand in a different way and do something new he had never tried before—filming his recipes for his YouTube channel, The Protein Chef. The ability to help others reach their goals and get them to think outside the box is now what inspires him every single day.

Food doesn't need to be boring or repetitive—it's all about balance, moderation, and having the knowledge to change things up. Eating right doesn't have to be expensive, either—Howes' recipes are cheap, quick, and delicious!

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