Tiffany Rae


As a wife, mother, teacher, coach, volunteer, writer and fitness competitor, Tiffany feels her success in life and in her career directly relate to her mental discipline and physical work ethic. She believes whole-heartedly in weighing life's opportunities to create balance.

"I firmly believe that happiness is reached by achieving a balance between mind and body," she says. Tiffany teaches and coaches pushing this philosophy.

Tiffany Rae has been competing in fitness for the past seven years and has earned top rankings in several international competitions.

While competing is a passion and hobby, teaching is her career. Tiffany Rae has been a Language Arts teacher, varsity tennis coach, and cheerleading coach at the high school level for the past nine years. Tiffany has also been coaching gymnastics and teaching dance nearly seventeen years and dedicates much of her time to local youth centers and community activities. She enjoys working with the youth and seeing them accomplish their goals.

In addition, Tiffany Rae is a freelance writer who enjoys promoting fitness and she hopes to gain additional writing opportunities within the fitness industry.

Tiffany's personal interests mainly lie in the outdoors, a place of adventure and passion for her. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, swimming, diving, dancing, reading and writing poetry.

Tiffany realizes the significance of role models and mentors and strives to represent the importance of fitness as well as an eclectic and diversified lifestyle.

"My objective is to exemplify intelligence and integrity in a fit and healthy lifestyle," she says.

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  • Name: Tiffany Rae
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: 118 lbs/53.64 kgs
  • Residence: Texas/USA
  • Master's of Education from the University of Phoenix, AZ 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah, UT 1998


    Be a positive role model exemplifying fitness and integrity.

  • 2nd Triple-A Fitness/Ms. Fitness Dallas 2010
  • 17th Fitness America Pageant 2009
  • 14th Overall Women's Tri Fitness Worlds 2006
  • 14th Fitness Universe Pageant 2006
  • 9th Overall Women's Tri Fitness Worlds 2005
  • 13th Fitness Universe Pageant 2005
  • 11th Overall Women's Tri Fitness Worlds 2004
  • 13th Fitness Universe Pageant 2003
  • 3rd Fitness Expo Italy 2003
  • Champion ESPN series 2002
  • 4th European Championships 2002
  • 2nd South Beach, Miami, Florida 2002
  • 2nd ESPN series 2001
  • 6th Fitness America Pageant 2001
  • Champion Culver City, California 2001
  • 5th place New Orleans, Louisiana 2001


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