Mr. Ryan Swan


Ryan Swan started writing for as one of our first teen bodybuilders of the month. With a motivating personal story of scrawny to brawny, Ryan believes in teaching others about nutrition and training to help them reach their goals.

Ryan Graduated with a BS in Human Kinetics from St. Francis Xavier in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Always thirsty for knowledge, Ryan returned and graduated with his second degree in Human Nutrition.

Ryan's own struggle with weight started at a young age weighing a mere 118 lbs at 5'9".

"I still remember the day I realized something had to change in my life. I had hit rock bottom with nowhere to go but up. It was then that bodybuilding entered my life. Little did I know that this choice would have such a large effect on my life and the life of others as I have dedicated myself to bringing that unexplainable feeling of permanent personal success to all of my clients."

A Certified Personal Trainer, and CSEP Certified Fitness Consultant Ryan heads the team of nutrition and fitness professionals at with the goal of helping YOU create Results Now, and enjoy Success for Life!

"Bodybuilding will always be my passion!"

    Name: Ryan Swan
    Age: 23
    Height: 5' 10"
    Precontest: 205 lbs
    Contest: 175 lbs

Contest History

    2001- 1st NSABBA Jr. Heavyweight & Jr. Overall Champion
    2002- 2nd NSABBA Jr. Heavyweight
    2003- 1st NSABBA Jr. Heavyweight & Jr. Overall Champion
    2003- 4th CBBF National Championships Jr. Heavyweight
    2006- 2nd NSABBA Men's Lt Middleweight

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