Russ Warren


Hi, My name is Russell and I have been weight training for 8 months and bodybuilding for 6 months. I have spent hours and hours on the internet searching for the best way to build muscle the fastest. I have a lot of knowledge and advice that will be useful, and that I will be able to share with all prospective teen bodybuilders. I began to be motivated to begin searching for information on bodybuilding after I read the book "Body for Life" written by Bill Phillips. It was an inspiring book and showed me that I control my life and my body.

When I first started lifting weights I was very small and weak. In the last two months with proper training and diet I have gained 15 lbs and put 30 lbs. on my bench press. I enjoy bodybuilding and I hope you enjoy the advice I give you.Name: Russell Warren (Russ)
Years Bodybuilding: 6 months
Favorite Exercise: Barbell curl
Favorite Supplements: Twinlab
Hobbies: ATV Riding, Dirtbike Riding and Lifting
Favorite Bodybuilders: Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman and Frank Zane


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