Ian Estabrook


My name is Ian Estabrook. I am a seventeen year-old high school student from Orland Park, Illinois. When I was younger, I loved to eat. Actually, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I sometimes ate until I threw up when my family went out to dinner. Food pretty much controlled my life. However, I made a promise to myself on my sixteenth birthday that I would change my lifestyle for the better.

I began to lift weights and perform cardio regularly, and eventually I started to drop the pounds. When I started, I was a hefty 240 pounds. Now, almost a year later, I have lost 75 pounds. I now weigh in at a slim and trim 165 pounds, and I have never been happier. Now, I weight train and run regularly every week. I joined the rugby team for my high school, and I plan on competing in a bodybuilding contest in the near future. I feel like a new person, and my confidence level has gone through the roof.

Bodybuilding helped me change my entire life. I hope I am lucky enough to receive the opportunity to share my knowledge and opinions.