Christian Seufert


I started off working out in the summer when I was 14 years old. I had a crazy trainer who pushed me to exhaustion but I found something great in it. My body started changing quickly and I began to get into it on my own. I did an enormous amount of research on and started to get better on my own.

I learned about nutrition and training and am now applying everything I've learned to my workout life. I like to try new programs and I have a website, where I like to share everything that I learn and that I think about training and nutrition and also where I do have an online personal training program for any and all goals.

I strive to get better no matter what because I never think that I am good enough or big enough. I need to get bigger and that is my main goal. Bodybuilding helps me out with my only real bad condition, depression, and makes life a lot more livable. I would love to help anyone with similar problems to help get over them with this method.


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