Stephen Adele


Stephen Adelé has been helping individuals from all walks of life create measurable, lasting results in their physiques and performance over the last 20 years. He has published numerous articles for magazines around the world, been quoted in trade publications, appeared on radio shows, conducted seminars around the globe, is the CEO of the prestigious supplement manufacturer iSatori, and was named "Best Boss in America" by "Business" magazine. Stephen was also a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Aside from writing and public appearances, Stephen loves spending time with his family and devotes time to his Board role on the not-for-profit Denver Police Officers Foundation, which helps the families of fallen officers or other officers struck by illness or tragedy. And perhaps best of all, 30 years later, he's most proud that proceeds from the sales of "Diets Suck!" and his Eat-Smart® creations will allow him the opportunity to "give back" to the organization that helped feed him when he was a kid growing up in Colorado—Feeding America's "back-pack" program.

Over the years, Stephen's philosophy has remained unchanged: "The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of a strong mind, which can yield extraordinary dividends in the form of a stronger, healthier, and more energetic body."

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