Will Brink


William Brink is a contributing consultant, columnist, and writer for various health, bodybuilding, and medical publications. He is a well-known trainer who has worked with many high-level athletes ranging from professional bodybuilders, Pro golfers, and fitness contestants to Olympic hammer throwers.

He is a consultant to major companies and a judge for the National Physique Committee (NPC). Will is often invited to speak on the benefits of weight training and sports nutrition at conventions and medical symposiums. He is the author of Priming the Anabolic Environment, which can be found at any bookstore and his new E-Book, Muscle Building Nutrition. In addition to his own writing, he regularly co-authors articles with notable scientists on various subjects relating to health and fitness.

Will's methods have been so effective he has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including the Atkins Radio Show. He has been invited to lecture on the benefits of supplements, weight training, nutrition and fat loss at universities and conventions in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Canada and other locations around the U.S.

Learn more about Will at BrinkZone.com.


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