Joanne Lee Cornish


Joanne Lee Cornish is a British, European, and World Bodybuilding champion. A former IFBB pro, she competed in the Ms. Olympia twice before retiring to concentrate on her personal training and nutrition business. She was one of the most successful and recognizable trainers in Golds Gym Venice for 24 years.

During her years at "The Mecca," Joanne became known as the trainer that got clients stage and camera ready. Joanne's clients have been diverse, from training Monica Brant for her Olympia win, transforming Shawn Wayans into a "White Chick," to keeping funny man Rodney Dangerfield on his toes.

An author and business owner, Joanne's book "When Calories and Cardio Don't Cut it" is based on her expertise in body composition. Training and nutritional services are offered through her business, The Shrink Shop.



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