Road To The Arnold


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the... "Road To The Arnold!"

Come join us as we travel around the country visiting IFBB Pros. The Arnold Classic video series - sit back and watch how the pros prepare for one of the biggest fitness events in the world! While visiting all of these pros we will be getting training interviews, testimonials from friends and much more.

Stay tuned as we show you what the pros do as they prepare for the Arnold Classic.

Road To The Arnold Video Series

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  • 2011 Road To The Arnold: Dexter Jackson Cuts Up Your Quads

    2008's Mr. Olympia and 3-time Arnold Classic winner is ready to cut out the competition. Dexter 'The Blade' Jackson is again one of the sharpest contenders at this year’s Arnold Classic.

  • 2011 Road To The Arnold: Johnnie Jackson Gives You A Leg Up!

    'The World’s Strongest Bodybuilder' you say? Well, he does hold a USPF deadlift record, and he is planning on lifting himself to a first place finish at the Arnold Classic. Strong-arm tactics are the name of the game, and that’s Johnnie Jackson’s forte.

  • 2011 Road To The Arnold

    The 2011 bodybuilding benchmark, the Arnold Classic, happened on Saturday, March 5th, and we've got 3 of the biggest names and bodies in the industry here to give you an exclusive glance at their training for the 2011 Arnold Classic.

  • 2011 Road To The Arnold: Branch Warren Arms You For Battle!

    Coming off a 2009 2nd place Mr. Olympia finish, Branch Warren, one of bodybuilding's toughest predators, is on the hunt. The 'Tri-ceratops' is hungry, and he has his eye on the prey - a 2011 Arnold Classic title. Beware!