Anita Ramsey


Most of you might know me, I am a bodybuilder, bench-press specialists, bodybuilding/figure prep coach and fitness model. I train at High Peaks Barbell Club and of course Adirondack Barbell Club Home of the Metal Militia! Truly the Strongest benchers on Earth! Bill Crawford and Sebastian Burns are great people. They are all helpful, knowledgeable, and some of the strongest f#ckers I know. I have learned a ton since starting there and learn more each training session.

I have been a competitive bodybuilder for over a decade, and, over the years, I have been in someway or another part of the Bodybuilding community. My face and my name is either featured or as an author in all the popular bodybuilding magazines like MuscleMag International, Ironman, Muscular Development, FLEX, NPC News, Body's magazine (Italian publication), B&K Sport (Swedish Publication), Women's Physique World, Oxygen, Powerhouse magazine, Body Talk, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine, Great Lakes Fitness Guide, and many more.

This is what WPW has to say about me:

    "Anita was a top level competitor, and one of the very strongest women, during the 1990's, and she was at her peak in 1995 when we had our photo/video session with her. Though this was intended to be an 'off-season' shooting, she was very lean and defined even at her higher weight, making it hard to believe she was not preparing for a contest! A great looking blonde with huge arms and lower body, and another woman bodybuilder 'who loved the camera'."

My first contest was a victory at the 1988 NPC Boulder B.B. championships. My biggest victory in the sport was winning the 1998 NPC Southern States Heavyweights and overall. The Southern States is one of the Top NPC regional shows here in the US. After winning the Southern States, I went on to post my best placing ever in an International show with a 3rd place in the heavyweights at the 98' IFBB North American. Then I decided to retire from the stage and train for sanctioned bench press meets. I have competed in the USPF, IPA and APF. But, I am coming out of retirement in 2008 for the NPC Masters Nationals! Holy Sh!t!

Here is a little more background on what you are getting. I am a published author. My work has appeared in Oxygen, Ironman magazine, MuscleMag International, NPC News, Body Talk (supplement industry magazine) and I'm the editor at Muscle Update as well as an article writer for I am also an IFPA Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, IFPA Certified Master Personal Trainer, IFPA Certified Bodybuilding Instructor, FitOUR Certified Sports Nutritionist, SPARQ Nike Certified Trainer, and NESTA Certified Online PT and a club member of the United States Weightlifting Federation (USWF). I am co-state chair for the American Powerlifting Federation (APF) in New Mexico, as well as a co-promoter of the Halloween Monster Bench Bash

  • Years in Bodybuilding: Been competing for over 12 years as a NPC National level competitor, with most recent win 98' NPC Southern States Heavyweight & Overall, & 98' IFBB North American 3rd place heavyweight. 2008 NPC Masters Nationals 4th place light-heavies
  • Favorite Body Parts: Back, legs and arms.
  • Favorite Supplements: Higher Power, SPECIES, MG Development, Musashi, and Lebrada.
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, football, and of course lifting weights.
  • Favorite bodybuilders: Bev Francis
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Favorite food: Anything with cheese.
  • Favorite junk food: My husband's Cream Cheese Brownies and Ben & Jerry Ice Cream.
  • Favorite color: Black
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: Off-season 155 Contest 135 plus
  • Chest: 40
  • Legs: 24 plus!
  • Arms: 15.5 Pumped 16!
  • Bench Press: 300 Competition bench (more too come)
  • Squat: 315 for reps!
  • Deadlift: 405
  • Arm Curl: D.B.'s 55
  • Single Arm D.B. Rows: 150 x 4

  • 1988 Boulder B.B. Championships (1st Middleweight)
  • 1988 Rocky Mountain B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweight)
  • 1989 NPC Colorado State (2nd Heavyweights)
  • 1990 Western Cup B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweights & Overall)
  • 1991 Jr. Nationals (6th place Heavyweights)
  • 1992 Jr. USA (8th place Heavyweights)
  • 1993 USA B.B. Championships (15th place)
  • 1994 Orange County B.B. Championships (3rd place Middleweight)
  • 1994 Steele Rose B.B. Championships (2nd place Heavyweights)
  • 1995 NPC California State (5th place Heavyweights)
  • 1995 Women's Pro Strength Extravaganza (Tied for 5th)
  • 1996 New York Metropolitan (3rd Heavyweights)
  • 1996 NPC New Jersey State (1st place Heavyweights)
  • 1998 Southern States B.B. Championships (1st Heavyweights & Overall)
  • 1998 IFBB North America B. B. Championships (3rd place Heavyweights)
      I was awarded Lonnie Teper's "Come Back of the Year" Award in 1998.
  • 2008 NPC Masters Nationals 4th place light-heavies

Bench Meets:

  • 2003 IPA Halloween Bench Bash 1st place 148 sub-masters - 215#
  • 2003 IPA RexRoads Memorial 1st place 148 sub-masters - 220#

  • Shoulder Surgery

  • 2006 APF World Bench Wars 1st place 165 sub-masters - 260#
  • 2007 APF Metal Militia Memorial 1st place 165 masters - 300#

Learn her secrets to achieving a beautiful body in a safe, efficient and effective manner. Anita specializes in Women's Body Shaping, Diet, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Exercise technique instruction, and Contest preparation for competitors. Anita has 20 years of exercise experience, over a decade of competition experience, and she is certified in many different organizations.

Anita has trained many bodybuilders and figure competitors who have placed very well both on the state and national level. She has a strong background in strength and conditioning for various sports. She was a volunteer strength coach at the University of New Mexico, and a scholarship athlete for the UNM Alpine Ski Team.



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