Shannon Clark


Shannon Clark holds a degree in exercise science and sport performance from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Her love for physical activity began with her time as a competitive figure skater and she has since been working in the health and fitness field for over 10 years.

When she's not writing about fitness or working out herself, she loves working as a personal trainer, baking up the latest high-protein desserts, and spending time with a good book or movie.



  • 5 Techniques for Developing a Killer Quad Sweep

    So your V taper resembles a superhero's, but your legs look more like a PEZ dispenser. Here are the five best moves for improving your quad sweep.

  • Supplement Company of the Month: NLA for Her

    NLA for Her arrived in 2013 to meet a pressing need among fit-minded women. It rapidly became a favorite for both noncompetitive lifting ladies and top-notch figure, fitness, and bikini pros!

  • How Do I Know If My Fat Burner Is Working?

    Give your fat burner at least 2-3 weeks (along with a good diet and ample exercise) to show results. Don't fixate on what the scale tells you; how do you look and feel?

  • Do Fat Burners Work?

    Fat burners are not magic pills. First, you need a good diet and plenty of physical exercise. Get those in order and the fat burners can kick it up a notch.

  • What Do Fat Burners Do?

    Losing weight is mostly about increasing the amount of fat your body uses for energy in the course of a day. Fat burners increase your metabolism to help you shed the pounds.

  • What Is In The Best Fat Burners?

    Some fat burners contain stimulants, usually caffeine or green tea. Others are stimulant-free and use L-carnitine, CLA, and other ingredients to accelerate weight loss.

  • Are Fat Burners Safe?

    Fat burners are stimulants, so you do have to be aware of how much you take in each day. With some common sense and knowledge, you can safely use these supplements to accelerate fat loss.

  • The Complete Guide to Fat Burners

    Fat burners can be an effective weight-loss aid when used properly. However, you need to go in with the right mindset and behaviors in place! Here's what you need to know.

  • How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Refeed Day

    Having a refeed day doesn't mean you can eat anything that strikes your fancy. There's a method behind it to make sure you enjoy the full benefits of this magical day.

  • 7 Reasons Why You're Not Burning Fat

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? In the battle to lose weight, any one of these common errors could be your undoing.

  • Supplement Company of the Month: Ascent

    The best protein starts with the best ingredients and the right processes. Ascent worked hard and long to get just the right combination of the two, and you get the benefit of all that hard work.

  • Grow On The Go: 7 Portable Protein Options

    Whether you plan to go mobile with a cooler or toss some power food into your pack, try these portable protein ideas from top Dymatize-sponsored athletes.

  • The Woman's No-BS Guide To Muscle Building

    You hear so much about women trying to lose weight that it can be hard to find out how to gain weight; lean muscle weight, that is. These seven tips can help you get stronger without getting huge.

  • Pressure-Cooker Muscle: 6 Protein-Packed Recipes

    Bland diet got you down? Instead of looking for new foods to spice up your menu, how about trying a new cooking method? These mini pressure cookers can crank out some tasty meals in record time.

  • Never Be Bored Again: 5 Creative Brussels Sprouts Recipes

    When was the last time you tried Brussels sprouts? If the answer is never, or you'd rather not remember, you're in good company. Sure, this vegetable has a rep for being smelly and unappetizing, but the blame lies with the cook, not the plant.

  • 6 Athletic Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special

    Six out-of-the-chocolate-box ideas and one beguiling recipe will help you get out of your rut and make this Valentine's Day one to remember!

  • Want To Make Real Gym Progress? Deload!

    If you're lifting on a regular basis, odds are you're a hard-charging, results-oriented type of person. Here's a message on behalf of your body: Back off every now and then.

  • How To Make Your Diets Shorter And More Effective

    Why spend months bulking only to follow with months of shredding? There's another way to go about it that can get you better results with a lot less cravings and hunger.

  • Fit On Keto: How To Keep Lifting With A Low-Carb Diet

    When you chase body-fat loss by removing nearly all the carbohydrates from your diet, something's got to give. Learn how to get a solid workout even when you're in ketosis.

  • 6 Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk

    Don't let sitting at work make your body stiff and sore! Use these quick and easy stretches to increase your range of motion, prevent injury, and help you feel more energized and focused.