Shannon Clark


Shannon Clark holds a degree in exercise science and sport performance from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She has been working in the health and fitness field for over 10 years. She started her love for physical activity as a competitive figure skater at the tender age of 6. At age 16, she finished her skating career at the Western Canadian Championships. Upon hanging up her blades, she got hooked on fitness, and it's been that way ever since.

Shannon went on to become a personal trainer and then made the decision to pursue education in the field, eventually finding her love of health and fitness writing. When she's not writing about fitness or working out herself, she loves training clients on the side, baking up the latest high-protein desserts (some of which turn out great, some which we won't speak of), and spending time with a good book or movie.

Learning more about nutrition has always been a huge personal interest, and staying on top of the latest diet trends proves to be an ongoing experience. If you'd like to learn more about her, you can visit her website at


Shannon Clark Shannon Clark Shannon Clark Shannon Clark Shannon Clark


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    Suffering from sickly shoulders? We've got your cure. Start heavy but utilize multiple speeds to work your delts for strength, size, and an incredible muscle burn!

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    Tired of mind-numbing cardio sessions? Trade in the treadmill for one of these fun—extremely effective—workouts!

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    Burn fat, boost your speed, increase your power, and get conditioned with these fun plyometric workouts from Jessie Hilgenberg and Lais DeLeon!

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    With summer just around the corner, cut abs are likely on your must-have list. Start training for that washboard with these tips from The Fitness Jewell.

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    Do your legs need some extra focus? Ashley Hoffmann trains hers 3 days per week for insane results!

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    Lean mass isn't easy to build, but with the right tips in your arsenal and a sound plan of attack, you'll be on your way to making gains.

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    No time to hit the gym? No worries. Check out these 4 killer at-home workouts for every fitness level!

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    The new year often comes with clean-eating resolutions. Make this year's healthy habits stick with these 6 essential tips!

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    Looking to take your chest training up a notch? Try one of these 5 chest workouts from the athletes of BodySpace to power up your pecs!

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    You don't always have to hop on the treadmill to fit in a good sweat session. Learn how to challenge your body, burn fat, and get fit with this killer HIIT routine!

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    For anyone who is looking to pack on some serious mass, one of their top priorities will be to determine what the best training method is. Here are 5 workout set-ups to pack on serious muscle. Learn more.

  • 5 Supplements That Will Energize Your Endurance Workouts!

    Let's have a quick look at some of the most beneficial supplements that endurance athletes can be using. Learn more.

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    Ashley Hoffmann is the proud owner of great-looking six-pack. Here are six of her training and nutrition tips to help you carve your own awesome abdominals!

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    Reigning Bikini Olympia queen Ashley Kaltwasser has some booty-shaping secrets to share! Learn how you can improve your glute workouts for a firmer, rounder behind.

  • Back Workouts: 7 Awesome BodySpace Back Workouts

    BodySpace is the world's largest fitness community. These 7 inspiring members are here to share their best back workouts so you can build your best self!

  • Butt Workouts: 6 Great BodySpace Booty Workouts!

    If building buns of steel is your aim, you've come to the right place! Get behind the best backside-building workouts BodySpace has to offer.

  • 3 Healthy Between-Meal Snack Recipes

    Don't let snack time derail your diet. Skip the vending machine and try these easy, healthy recipes instead.

  • Gym Motivation: 8 Surefire Tips For A Great Workout

    Walking out of the gym feeling anything but triumphant? The solution could be as simple as switching up a few minor details in how you prepare for and plan your workout. Don't dump your program until you try these tips first!

  • New Year's Resolutions: Changing The Focus

    The problem with most resolutions however is that many times they're based on superficial reasons that don't truly affect the individual and mean something to them. Learn why...

  • Healthy Recipes: 5 Muscle-Building Protein Goodies

    Studies show that delicious protein recipes make hungry muscles happy. Try these 5 protein goodies on for size!

  • Top 4 Benefits Of Casein Protein

    One particular type of protein powder that does get mentioned quite frequently is casein protein powder. This form comes in many different flavors... Learn more.

  • 10 Must-Read Beginner Workout Tips

    Starting your fitness journey with a little bit of education can go a long way toward your future success. Here are 10 tips that every beginner needs to read!

  • 5 Super Shoulder-Training Techniques

    If you're in the market for round, shapely shoulders, let Ashley Hoffmann show you how to build them. Here are five of her favorite shoulder-building techniques. Apply them to your own training or follow Ashley's super shoulder workout!

  • Arms Advantage: 5 Tips For A Great Arms Workout Routine

    Ashley Hoffmann has one of the best physiques in the biz. Here are 5 of her favorite arm-building tips you can use in your workouts or in Ashley's own arms blitz!

  • 24-Hour Countdown To The Perfect Workout

    An exceptional training session doesn't happen by accident. Prep your mind and body with well-timed nutrition and supplementation, and you'll exceed your expectations again and again!

  • How To Avoid 5 Habits That Are Wrecking Your Metabolism

    Looking to shred for summer with a quick fix can backfire. Learn how to lean out the healthy way and avoid these 5 metabolism-halting habits!

  • 6 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Gains

    Taking the next step in muscular development is partially about training better, but it's just as much about removing the roadblocks to anabolism that hold you back. Are you committing any of these crimes?

  • Never Be Bored Again: 7 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

    Carb up the right way with these sweet potato recipes.

  • Burn Up To 300 Calories In Minutes

    Tip the scales in your favor! Learn different ways to burn calories in your everyday life. Little changes make big goals a reality.

  • 5 Fat-Loss Tips To Make You Beach-Ready

    Don't get caught with your shirt on this summer. Look your best when you're wearing the least with these shred tips from elite BodySpace members!

  • 5 Winning Workout Boosters!

    Every workout can get better. Use these pro tips to modify your intensity, timing, pre-workout strategy, and, especially, the nutrients you use to crush each workout.

  • Summer Shred Tips: 16 Ways To Burn Fat Faster

    The heat is on, which means your clothes will be coming off. Are you looking your best? Here are 16 ways to burn fat faster this summer.

  • 44 Ways To Transform Your Health

    Small, sustainable changes can help you lead a fitter, better life. Use these tips to help guide you.

  • 8 Ways To Maximize Your Muscle Pump

    Looking for ways to maximize your muscle pump and garner the best results from your workouts? Here are 8 tips to get you pumped!

  • How To Build More Muscle In 30 Days!

    Training and nutrition alone may not be enough to maximize growth within a shortened timeframe. Here are smarter strategies to help you out.

  • 5 Ways To Make Halibut Insanely Delicious

    Not all fish is white, bland, and tasteless. Turn that fillet into something fantastic with these five recipes.

  • Ultimate Protein FAQ: 10 Common Protein Questions Answered!

    How much protein should you eat? Is it safe? What's the best source? Get the answers to your burning questions right here!

  • 13 Essential Mass Gaining Tips

    Hardgainers aren't the only ones who struggle to add muscle to their frames. If you lift and eat for growth but it doesn't seem to make a difference, here's your new roadmap to mass!

  • 7 Tips To Skyrocket Your Motivation

    When your motivation begins to wane, small changes can make a massive difference. Learn how to refuel your drive when you feel yourself falling off the bandwagon.

  • 10 Pro Tips For Losing Fat!

    Holding a funeral for your fat takes more than just wearing black to the service. Follow these tips from Team MuscleTech and burn fat fast!

  • Fact Or Fiction: 8 Nutritional Myths Debunked

    When it comes to nutrition, separating fact from fiction can be a tricky task. Clear up any confusion and make the most of your meals.

  • 6 Tricks For A Stronger Squat!

    Looking to turn the heat up on your squat regimen? You've come to the right place. Step away from the norm and address the weaknesses that hold you back!

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    Want to know how cover models build such perfect bodies? Here are 6 secret weapons they use to set themselves apart!

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    Nic Troupe is an NPC Men's Physique competitor. Find out how he put his lifetime love of strength and conditioning into building his best ever body. Here's how he trains, eats, and supps to compete!

  • 8 Underrated Exercises You Must Try

    If you're no longer psyched to set foot in the gym with your routine, it's time to include these high-reward exercises to reenergize your workout.

  • Don't Lose Hope! 5 Ways To Push Through Your Resolutions

    These five strategies can help you triage your resolution-making and redirect your focus on the things that matter most!

  • 5 Sneaky Ways To Burn Calories Outside The Gym

    Try some of the following tips to insert unobtrusive methods to burn extra calories in your work day—and not feel like they're a chore.

  • Harness A Healthy Lifestyle: 40 Must-Read Health Tips

    Small changes add up. Take a step in the right direction with these easy-to-follow tips designed to turn your body into a fortress!

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    Whether you're a gym greenhorn or iron veteran, you can always increase your training knowledge. Check out these 30 tips and put your favorites to use!

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    Marinades are the simplest, healthiest way to take a bland diet and make it brilliant. Don't wait another day to start using these recipes!

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    Tired of being stuck in neutral? Rev up your workout and see new results with this selection of six training tips.

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    Transformations can be tricky. Obstacles are inevitable, but not insurmountable. Learn how to bypass potential pitfalls and achieve your goals with these 7 tips!

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    Push past fitness plateaus, ramp up your weight loss, and achieve your New Year's resolutions with these 50 fat-torching tips!

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    Are you sick of lifting with limited results? Break through your gym rut and get the most out of your sweat session with these workout tips.

  • The 10 Rules Of Alpha Muscle-Building Nutrition

    Working out but have yet to see gains? It could be your meal plan. Clean up your diet and learn how to pack on the muscle and pass on the pounds with these nutrition tips.

  • Holiday Gains: 4 Reasons To Build Muscle During The Holidays

    For the next few weeks, switch your goal from fat-loss to muscle-building. You'll effectively utilize those extra calories and feel less stressed about having a few bites of pie!

  • Going Steady: 5 Reasons To Do Steady-State Cardio

    Back-to-back sessions of strength training and HIIT can leave you running ragged. Learn why there should always be a place for steady-state cardio in your fitness program.

  • Treadmill To Trail: 5 Keys To Making The Switch

    When it comes to running, not all terrain's the same. Take the time to plan so you don't get caught in the elements unprepared!

  • Don't Fall Back: 6 Fall Fatigue Busters

    Summer's a great fitness motivator, but it's only one season. Keep going hard all months of the year with these workout tips.

  • 6 Essential Post-Diet Tips

    Dropping a diet plan doesn't have to mean ditching results. Learn how to successfully transition from a strict eating regimen to a post-dieting life.

  • On The Edge: 10 Tips To Fight Stress

    Stress is inevitable. Overwhelming, crippling stress shouldn't be. If you feel like you're spread too thin, fight back with these proven stress-fighting tools!

  • 5 Tips To Max Out Your Workout Motivation

    Monotony can be a workout buzzkill. Maintain a high level of exercise enthusiasm with these five tips to help you power towards progress.

  • Take It Outside: 3 Must-Try Outdoor Workouts

    Machines, barbells, and bodyweight exercises all play a role in staying fit, but, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the gym. Work up a sweat and embrace the outdoors with these three workouts!

  • Back To Basics: 9 Essential Workout Tips

    Follow these nine essential workout tips to re-learn the basics, carve out your fitness goals, and feel confident you're headed in the right direction.

  • Grilling Gains: 7 Painless BBQ Swaps To Save 1,000 Calories

    When it comes to barbecue, not everything has to be slathered in sauce. Try these simple meal substitutes to soak in summer while staying trim.

  • Never Be Bored Again: 6 Ways To Serve Whole Grains

    Everything you eat leads to eventual potential energy. Sometimes you need that energy in a hurry. Carbohydrates can help, and whole grains are the best way to go.

  • 4 Ways To Relieve PMS Symptoms

    Trying to overcome PMS can be a challenge, especially when you don't feel like yourself. Many women face the uncomfortable reality of their menstrual cycle. Try these tips to conquer your symptoms and feel better every month.

  • Barbecued Breakfast: 5 Easy Recipes!

    Cooking on the barbecue is one of the best ways to prepare meat, but it's also a great way to cook your breakfast! Don't believe me? Try these 5 recipes and your mornings will never be the same.

  • Leaner Next Week: 25 Diet Directives!

    No need to dive right into the nutrition deep end. These 25 tips will provide simple suggestions so you can ease into those big lifestyle changes!

  • Abdominal Axioms: 9 Rules For Better Abs

    We hold these truths to be self-evident that all people may enjoy better abs. Declare independence from your soft stomach this summer. Abide by these nine abdominal axioms!

  • Fit And Flexible: 7 Popular Yoga Styles

    Don't give in to your foam mat phobia! Adding yoga to your workout regimen can help increase your flexibility and overall health. Learn the yoga jargon, choose a style, and you'll be ready for the studio.

  • Bringing Back The Burger: 5 Recipes You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

    You don't have to kick burgers from your summer menu to live fit. You have to get creative and build a burger that supports your goals! These five recipes bring back that broiling feeling.

  • Meatballs Done Right: 5 Diet-Friendly Recipes

    With the right combination of meat, spices, and care, you can make meatballs that will actually fit into your clean diet. Here are five recipes that taste great and provide muscle-building macros.

  • Foods To Go: The 6 Forgotten Fiber All-Stars

    It's probably safe to say you're not getting enough fiber. Almost nobody is. The answer could be as simple as integrating a few of these tasty and fiber-packed foods into your diet!

  • Fitness 360: Supplement Program—Shannon Clark, Body Of Work

    Training? Check. Nutrition? Dialed in. Now it’s time for supplements to complete the package.

  • 8 Spring Salad Recipes That Will Prepare You For Summer

    Most people don't eat enough vegetables, and they hate it when they do. These simple recipes can rip you free from winter doldrums with spring salad mixes!

  • Never Be Bored Again: 8 Creative Chicken Recipes

    You need to eat clean to conquer your goals, but clean doesn't have to mean boring. Try these 8 chicken recipes to keep your taste buds clucking!

  • Fat Loss Fouls: 4 Cardio Mistakes You Might Be Making

    You may dislike cardio, but don't treat it as an afterthought! Make a good plan of attack and win the war on fat.

  • Abs Fuel: How To Build A Fat-Loss Meal Plan

    Many people would like to see ripped abs in the mirror, but not everybody knows how to get them. Learn what changes to make in your diet so you can finally achieve that 6-pack!

  • Dangerous Curves: Get Your Glutes In Gear With Supersets

    Are your glutes locked in neutral? Get them in gear with these intense supersets and achieve the round, athletic curves you crave.

  • Burn Fat Like Crazy With 3 Unconventional Cardio Styles!

    Traditional cardio can be boring, unproductive cardio. Stop walking the treadmill like a zombie and try these alternative workouts that scorch fat and build strength!

  • Training At Home: Power Rack Workout Program

    The power rack is the single most important piece of equipment in any home gym. It doesn't matter if you're training to gain muscle or lose fat, that big hunk of steel is going to help you get there.

  • Spring Shape Up: Your Bikini Body Workout

    Spring isn't far away! Get started on your bikini body now so you're not stuck with too much winter flab and not enough time to shed it.

  • Shape Up At The Office: 6 Healthy Habits For The Workplace

    Don't let fitness fall victim to a demanding job. Learn six ways to make your workplace healthier!

  • Hot Eats: 5 Foods For Better Sex

    You may think that an aphrodisiac is in the eye of the beholder, but modern science has identified a few foods with bedroom bona fides. Read on and reap the rewards!

  • Kitchen Essentials: 8 Items You Need To Prepare Healthy Food

    Are you ready to lose some weight or try a clean bulk? Then you're going to need a kitchen overhaul. Don't start your diet without first making sure these items are in your kitchen!

  • Fitness 360: Training Program - Shannon Clark, Body Of Work

    Full body workouts have produced complete results. Get Shannon Clark's full training program here!

  • Fitness 360: Nutrition Program—Shannon Clark, Body Of Work

    For Shannon Clark, healthy eating is all about balance. Get her full meal plan here!

  • 6 Resolution Recovery Tactics: Stay The Course!

    If your New Year's resolution is in danger of crashing into bits, read this! These six tips will help you find your way back to safe waters and on your way toward reaching your goals.

  • 10 Rules Of Clean Eating: Live By Them And Live Long And Lean

    Looking for a more principled way to eat? Here's your road map to better health and improved fitness.

  • 6 Dangerous Foods In Disguise: What's Wrong With Fat- And Sugar-Free Foods?

    Don't be deceived by smart marketing techniques. Learn how labels hide the truth and which products to avoid!

  • Gym Essentials: 7 Items You Need In Your Gym Bag

    Is that empty gym bag staring you in the face? Fill it with these gym bag fundamentals, and carry the basics of fitness with you wherever you go!

  • 6 Motivation-Killing Habits—And How To Beat Them!

    Your motivation level may be low because you have bad habits left over from your unhealthy lifestyle. Don’t live with a bad attitude! Identify bad habits and beat them forever!

  • Fitness 360: Shannon Clark, Body Of Work

    When Shannon Clark hung up her ice skates, she found a new passion for the gym. Find out more about this popular writer’s training regimen, diet plan, and supplement routine.

  • Holiday Leftovers: 5 Wonderful Ways To Serve Turkey

    When the relatives leave and the garland droops, only the turkey remains. Here's how to make the most of your leftover Christmas bird.

  • PM Power: How And What To Eat For A Productive Evening Workout

    If you train after work, timing your meals and carbs can be confusing. Find out what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat if you're planning an evening workout!

  • 'Tis The Seasoning: 6 Spices You Should Be Using

    Tired of choking down the same old bland foods? Avoid dietary boredom by adding seasonings that offer more than just good taste.

  • Fit Gifts: 10 Ideas For The Fitness Junkie On Your List

    What do you get the yoga instructor or nutritionist on your holiday gift list? If you're struggling to come up with fitness-friendly ideas, we've got ten ideas to help!

  • Beat The Winter Blues: 4 Ways To Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

    The 'season to be jolly' is definitely not happy for everybody. Those who have Seasonal Affective Disorder must endure, rather than enjoy, the winter months. Until now, that is.

  • Holiday Damage Control: Dealing With 5 Unhealthy Traditions

    Don't go into hiding this holiday season. Use the extra food, vacations, and winter weather to your advantage! Here's how.

  • 8 Low-Carb Conundrums

    Thinking of making the switch to low carb? Here's the lowdown on eight low-carb diet side effects. The good news? They're temporary.

  • Back-to-School Nutrition: 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas

    Don’t leave your child’s nutrition up to vending machines and playground trades. Send him or her to school with a lunch that’s tasty and healthy!

  • Healthy Holidays: Keep Fit With 4 Quick Workouts

    The holidays can be busy, but don't let your fitness fade! These four workouts are quick, tough, and effective!

  • 8 Great Pumpkin Recipes

    Add some new food to your table. These great pumpkin recipes are a great way to get your flavor fix and muscle-building nutrition!

  • Beyond Olive Oil: 5 More Healthy Cooking Oils

    Try any of these healthy, versatile fat sources, and you'll feel like you struck it rich.

  • Hit Your Peak: 10 Tips For Maximum Athletic Performance

    Hit your peak and boost your game with these 10 pro tips designed to help you maximize your athletic performance!

  • 5 Energy Vampires In Your Diet - And How To Drive A Stake Through Them

    If you're scrambling to find the strength you need to make it through the day, a nutritional deficiency could be to blame. Stay ahead of the game by getting to know the usual suspects.

  • The GI Diet: Tame Your Blood Sugar, Melt Your Body Fat

    The Glycemic Impact Diet isn’t a 'fad' or 'crash' method of losing weight. It’s based on firm scientific principles and can help stabilize blood sugar and aid in fat loss. Read this before you try it!

  • Keep It Fresh: 7 Training Methods To Revitalize Your Results

    In a training rut? Add these tweaks to your existing workout scheme and revitalize your results!

  • Hit Your Peak: 8 Tips For Max Muscle

    If your biceps and behind aren’t blooming fast enough, it might be time for you to take a look at your training routine. Check out these 8 training tips for added size and shape!

  • Recover At Work: What To Eat At Your Desk

    It's great that you work out before you get to work. But don't sell yourself short by ignoring your nutrition. Recover your muscles while you make your living!

  • Never Be Bored Again: 5 Creative Ways To Prepare Brown Rice

    No need for brown rice to be boring and basic. Any of these choice recipes will give you the complex carbs you need and the flavor you want.

  • Never Be Bored Again: 6 Superb Salmon Recipes

    No healthful food repertoire is complete without great salmon recipes! Give these meals a try for some added flavor and variety with your protein.

  • Brain Boosters: 5 Supplements For Maximum Mental Acuity

    We all need an extra boost of mental power now and then. For firefighters and police officers who work long, difficult hours, the right supplements can make a big difference.

  • 5 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

    While taking care of your community, you need to do the same for your body. Drinking coffee might be a great way to keep your body healthy and ready for anything!

  • Hit Your Peak: 10 Tips For Maximum Strength

    Strength training centers around the basic desire to get stronger, and stronger. If you aren't getting stronger, then alter your regimen with these tips.