Alex Stewart


Alex Stewart is an ISSA-certified personal trainer and nutritionist.



  • Building The Perfect Body At Home!

    Ready to change your physique, but can't work out in the gym? There is no need to worry. Whatever the reason, being forced to work out outside the gym doesn't have to limit your progress. Check out this great at home workout plan.

  • 5 Back Workouts For Mass - A Beginner's Guide!

    How beginners can build a massive back - Guide discusses the back, its function, and exercises. Try these 5 great back workout programs for size.

  • 5 Shoulder Workouts For Mass: A Beginner's Guide!

    Want to take your shoulders to the next level? Beginners can learn more and start building them with the following 5 devastating delt workouts.

  • So What's The Big Deal With Egg Yolks, Anyway?

    The golden center is truly a buried treasure of nutrition and not at all the cholesterol soaked demon some medical science claims it to be.

  • Legs Day Workouts For Beginners To Avoid Scrawny Legs

    Leg exercises are often overlooked or skipped by athletes with well-developed upper bodies and toothpick legs and thighs, add these leg workouts for mass.

  • 5 Chest Workouts For Mass - A Beginner's Guide!

    Learn how beginners can build a massive chest! This guide discusses the chest, its function and recommended exercises. Try these 5 great chest workout programs for size!

  • 5 Core Workouts For A Tight Midsection: A Beginner's Guide

    Both guys and gals strive to have a strong toned midsection but very few of them achieve it. Try these 5 core workout programs to get a tight, strong core.

  • A Beginner's Shopping List: Quality Food For The Best Results!

    Below I am going to list all the foods that should be in your shopping cart and the ones that shouldn't. Reach your goals faster by sticking with the best food.

  • 5 Arm Workouts For Massive Growth

    How to get bigger arms starts with this detailed blueprint for the keys to building huge arms with complete bicep and tricep workouts.

  • How To Train Like An MMA Badass

    Take your street squabbles to the cage. Learn the best ways to train for an MMA fight!

  • 3 Hardcore At-Home Workouts!

    Sometimes, the time and space you have for a workout are very limited. When you're in a bind, utilize one of these hardcore no-gym-required workouts! They're quick, intense, and don't require much room.

  • Hardgainer's Guide To Muscle Building!

    Every hardgainer is looking to add muscle. This guide will focus on the types of weight training, cardio and nutrition needed to meet your goals.

  • Building That Fitness Model Body

    As you know hardcore competitive bodybuilders are few and far between. There are thousands of guys just trying to look good for the girls at the beach or the husband trying to get back in shape for his wife. If this is you then read on!

  • High Carbs And No Cardio? Transform Your Body In Just 12 Weeks!

    In Part 1 of Alex Stewart's "High-Carb, No Cardio Dieting" Alex takes you through a sample diet, supplement and work out plan to get you moving toward your goals. Check it out!

  • Gaining Muscle After 40: A Complete Beginner's Guide!

    Is it possible for me to regain the body I once had and put on some muscle at my age? You can, but you will have to take a different approach. Here's a complete training program for a better over-40 physique. Learn more.

  • Summer-Six-Pack Supplement Guide: 6 Supplements For Shredded Abs

    Summer is a time to get ripped and show off your hard work. A soft midsection won't cut it; we're looking to get a ripped six pack. In my article I will discuss 6 proven supplements, and how they can help you.