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Deborah is a highly respected authority in personal training for overall health and fitness, with more than 22 years of experience and success. Her credentials include...

  • Currently licensed Registered Nurse specializing in Rehabilitative Nursing
  • Medical Exercise Therapist: certified by AAHFRP, an internationally recognized physical rehabilitation certification
  • Maternity Specialist Pre & Post Natal certified by Maternal Fitness
  • Personal Fitness Specialist: certified by NASM, an internationally recognized certification
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Professional Health Member, National Organization of Fitness Instructors (IDEA), a leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals

Her Story...

Making dreams come true for you is Deborah's passion!

Deborah's fitness career started early. At fifteen years of age she was practicing and teaching yoga to any and all interested in sharing. She learned to love how she could influence people in a very positive way.

After leaving home for college she discovered she had an eating and weight problem with resulting low self esteem, social isolation and bewilderment, Deborah finally found inspiration. A rehab therapist, helped turn her life and self image around completely.

Through patient guidance, counseling, goal setting and efficient workouts she learned she had a new found passion in life. She improved her physique and performance in all aspects of life while setting upon a career path filled with passion and deep appreciation for helping others.

Health and fitness is now a twenty two year passion, that keeps Deborah practicing with people in all walks of life. The full spectrum of experiences include: Training top celebrity personalities, performing medical oversight for a home of 15 mentally disabled geriatric patients, providing medical oversite on a physical rehab floor in one of NYC's top teaching hospitals, to teaching children's fitness classes at the School for the Deaf in NYC.

The diversity of working successfully with people who need to lose twenty pounds to those who want to gain twenty pounds has helped Deborah hone and develop her diet and nutrition coaching skills. She has also led professional trainers in continuing education with such courses as maternity fitness, core fitness and rehabilitative fitness. She's also helped teach novice trainers into professionalism.

Setting up fitness programs for gyms, she taught the physiological and practical applications of cardio workouts and assessments. From community outreach programs, to training teachers to teach children, it's all about love for being your best! "My mission today is to help people achieve a fit and healthy body, and a zest-filled, vibrant life."

"As a fitness lifestyle coach my tools are the individuals strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I add some yoga, rehab, realignment, pilates, meditation, free weights, plyometrics, nutritional/personal guidance, aerobics, lactate threshold training, russian military exercise, and whatever else it takes to make a specifically designed training system.

People become dedicated, because, the program is fun, challenging, interesting and rewarding. They establish a lifestyle. Then, they really get results!"

Deborah is a strong advocate of building peoples self esteem and self image as part of their health and fitness quest. As a lifestyle fitness coach she guides people to their best performance from life. She may be contacted at 212-677-3185 by telephone, email (listed below), or website

I am dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle, so that you will look and feel and perform your very best in all areas of your life.

I will help you meet your goals with a combination of innovative, individually-tailored solutions -- all tailored to your individual needs and abilities.

The journey through change is not easy, but owning your own health is worth it. The process is exhilarating. And your results will be extraordinary.


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