Randi Drasin


Randi S. Drasin Owner/Director Randi's Fitness For Kids!

Randi Drasin created, owned and has single-handedly operated Randi's Fitness for Kids since 1996. The program began with Randi teaching gymnastics classes at several local elementary and pre-schools in the neighborhood. She then began getting requests for other classes. She began by adding dance, then martial arts. She now offers gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, sports clinics, yoga, pilates, musical theater, ceramics, art, digital photography, movie making, comedy, creative cooking, fashion design, story writing and chess. She employs 15 independent contractors who are all trained artists in their craft. They are all working in the fields in which they are specialists.

Randi is still in charge of all aspects of the company. She is the personal contact for all school administrators, parents and instructors. She handles all the contracts, paperwork, brochure and flier creation, brochure distribution etc. She attends PTA and/or parent association meetings at each school when needed. Randi's Fitness for Kids is insured and a member of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce. Randi is also a member of the 31st District PTSA. She has been the PE Specialist at a Private school for kindergartners since 1997 and continues to direct Gymnastics, Dance and Cheerleading training summer camps since 1998.

Randi is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. In 2010 she will enter a dietetic internship to become a licensed Registered Dietitian. Her goal is to continue her work with children who are obese, diabetic, have eating disorders and body image issues. She is currently a member of The American Dietetic association, California Dietetic Association, Executive Board member of the Los Angeles District of CDA, International Society of Sports Nutrition, NASC Honor Society, SCAN DPG, WM DPG, USA Gymnastics. She is also certified in Food Safety (ServSafe) and Weight Management for Children and Adolescents by the CDR.