Shawn Ray


Shawn Ray is a revered legend in bodybuilding, most notably due to being a 12-time Mr. Olympia Top 5 Finalist, as well as a two-time Arnold Classic Winner and Pro Ironman Winner, among numerous other awards. His competitive career spanned three decades, a feat that sets him apart from even the most accomplished and recognized in the sport. Since retiring, the Hall of Famer has kept driving forward with the same intensity and love for performance and fitness by establishing the Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic and serving as an NPC Contest Promoter, IFBB Pro League Promoter, author, producer, webcast host, and Master of Ceremonies at numerous events.


  • Shawn Ray's Lethal Leg Routine

    IFBB legend Shawn Ray takes you through his surprisingly simple, yet exceptionally brutal mutant-making leg training program.