Glen Danbury


I have an honors degree in sports science and human nutrition and I am currently working towards my Masters degree in sports nutrition.

I started lifting seriously when I was training for the Royal Marines (at the tender age of sixteen), unfortunately I was diagnosed with type one diabetes and as such was refused entry. As an alternative I went to college and then university to study the science of training and nutrition so that I could aid both myself and others achieve bodybuilding success.

I was introduced to competition by one of my gym managers who was competing at the time ( he went on that year to win his class at the European super body show), after one competition I was hooked. bodybuilding helps me to keep my diabetes under control whilst allowing me to constantly set and achieve goals throughout my life. The discipline required for competition translates well to my studies and other aspects of life.

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Name: Glen Danbury
Years Bodybuilding: 5
Favorite Body Parts: Back
Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts
Favorite Supplements: Whey, Creatine
Hobbies: Rugby and Eating
Favorite Bodybuilders: Andy Palmer (a top natural over in England)

Age: 23
Weight: 168 lbs.
Waist: 33 in.
Arms: 17 in.
Chest: 45 in.
Legs: 26 in.
Calves: 17 in.


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