Patsy Rabdau


Patsy is a great female bodybuilder from Eagle, Idaho. She has a lot of competition experience and is an inspiration to bodybuilders around the world. Name: Patsy Rabdau
Birthday: April 14, 1964 (yes! that's 37 years old!)
Years competing: 3 - 2 in FAP & Sportaerobics, 1 in bodybuilding
Residence: Eagle, ID, USA
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120 pounds off-season, 112 contest
Favorite Body parts: chest, back, abs
Favorite Exercise: push-ups! and cable cross-over
Favorite Supps: EAS Myoplex-lite (chocolate lovers!), Optimum Diet Protein
Hobbies: Sometimes it feels like my job is my hobby! But I enjoy getting outdoors, especially hiking the Sawtooth Mountains of Stanley, Idaho, And, I love Bread baking...the rhythmic kneading is therapeutic, opening up the lungs and rib cage, and releasing stresses. I enjoy the process as much as the results! 1999 - Fitness America Pageant, 3rd place Montana Regional (National Qualifier)
1999 - National Aerobic Championships, 5th place
2000 - National Aerobic Championships, 7th place
2001 - NGA Northwestern Natural, Lightweight, 3rd place
2001 - NGA Northwestern Natural, Masters Women over 35, 3rd place
2002 - NGA Northwest Natural Bodybuilding Championships, Lightweight, 1st

Click Here For Pics Of The NGA Northwest Natural Championships


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