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  • Meal Plan For Every Guy

    Guys get ripped for being kitchen novices, but these pillars of nutrition can elevate you to pro status.

  • Get Jacked Like Jackman

    How do you turn a classically trained song-and-dance man (and one of the nicest guys in Hollywood) to move like a legitimate contender? That's when you bring in … Sugar Ray Leonard.

  • Workout For Every Guy: The Heavyweight

    Being big is cool... until it isn't. Losing weight, burning fat - these things require diet and exercise. Be fat or fit. It's your choice, but we'll show you how!

  • Workout For Every Guy: The Beginner Workout

    You've probably picked up muscle magazines in the past, tried some things and quit. It's time to reliquish your 'beginner' tag and get some real results!

  • Arnold Forever

    In the great galaxy of entertainment, stars are often born from obscurity. Learn how this boy from an Austrian village became the most-recognized champion in bodybuilding history.

  • Strong Men: The 18 Fittest Guys Of 2012

    Are you stronger or weaker at the end of this year? There’s no doubt in the case of these 18 beasts, who had to shoulder some heavy loads to make our list.

  • 22 Ways To Train Your Brain

    You train hard in the gym to improve your physique. With the right training, you can also improve your intelligence. These 22 tips will help you be smarter, faster, and more efficient.

  • Can You Beat Cancer?

    Diagnosing cancer early can significantly increase your chances of survival. But it’s on you to make the first move. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Arnold A To Z: Fit For Film

    My workout for getting in movie shape can get you ready for anything.

  • Men's Fitness Guide To Supplements: Part 2 - Fat Burners

    Fat-burning products can take you from â??pretty rippedâ?? to â??downright shredded.â?? Hereâ??s the skinny on what works best.

  • The Men's Fitness Guide To Supplements: Part I – Protein

    Protein is the most abundant supplement in the fitness industry, so you better know your brands, your ingredients and how they affect your body.

  • Fuel The Grind: Energy-Boosting Nutrition Tips

    Fed up with that daily mid-afternoon energy crash? Here's how to keep your day energized from start to finish.

  • Fruit For Better Health

    Fruits and veggies don't have the meat factor to lure most bodybuilders, but health is about more than muscle! Cover your nutritional basics with fresh fruit!

  • Strongman For Fat Loss

    Train like a beast and look like a model with this six-week plan.

  • The Meat Manifesto

    Red meat is a quality protein source, but are there health drawbacks involved? We sort through the rumor and find truth in the meat market.

  • Muscle Up, Lean Down!

    Achtung! German Body Comp training lets you gain and lose simultaneously.

  • Star Crossed: Bob Harper CrossFit Workout

    The Biggest Loser made Bob Harper a household name. CrossFit made him a hardcore lifter.

  • Workout For Every Guy: The Skinny Guy

    You've heard it before, so we won't beat around the bush. You are too skinny. You need more muscle. This is how you get it.

  • Workout For Every Guy

    Whether you've been trying to begin forever, can't seem to go from skinny to strong, or need to drop weight like it's hot, we've got your plan. Get ready to hit your fitness goals!

  • 13 Exotic Foods You Should Try

    Just because you can’t pronounce it (let alone prepare it), doesn’t mean you should avoid exotic foods altogether.

  • Punter Power: Steve Weatherford's Football Workout

    Want to train like a football player? NFL veteran Steve Weatherford shows you why punters make great role models.

  • The Armageddon Workout

    The Mayan calendar says the world is toast come 2012. In case they're right, we created our hardest workout ever to get you ripped by doomsday.

  • 101 Ways To Torch Fat Fast

    You already lost the weight for beach-body season. We rounded up our best tips to help you keep it off.

  • The Idiot's Guide To Getting Strong

    This foolproof program will get you bigger, stronger, and training smarter in only 10 weeks.

  • The Wild Card Workout

    Gain strength and tighten your core with this program that turns training into a game.

  • Kellan Lutz: Built Like A Greek God

    To play the role of Poseidon in Immortals, model, actor, and now men’s clothing designer Kellan Lutz had to look as if he just stepped off of Mount Olympus.

  • Build A Football Body: Training With Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson

    Get power and explosiveness with the same off-season regimen that Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson uses to get ready for game time.