Kelly Rennie


Fitness expert Kelly Rennie is a personal trainer, model and author. She began training in 2010 with an ultimate goal of entering a figure competition. In less than four months, Kelly placed third in the figure division of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF). Shortly thereafter, she won the World Sports Model Agency competition based in London. She proved herself again the following year by becoming a finalist in the BNBF's Figure Division.

Soon after competing, Kelly had two children, Nevaeh & Eden, 18 months apart where she found her passion for helping other Mothers with their health and fitness taking thousands through her online programs.

Kelly is now living in Australia leading in the fitness industry and specializing in training Busy Mums. The New Zealand native has gained respect from many people in the health and fitness industry as someone who is hardworking, dedicated and inspirational.