Joey Rodrigues


Joey Rodrigues has been result-oriented since his days in high school, where he was a varsity letterman in football, wrestling and baseball. He was All Eastern League in wrestling two years in a row and placed third in the County in his weight class (191) for Pt. Loma High School in San Diego, CA. He has a passion for sports, proper nutrition, and the maintenance of a high performance body and mind.

He started in the nutritional supplement business when still in high school, where he managed a nutrition shop in downtown San Diego. For four years he worked there and was introduced to people of various ethnic and social backgrounds. With that experience under his belt, he took his life savings and opened a sports nutrition kiosk in the Mission Valley Mall in San Diego. Combining a supplement program, exercise, and sound nutrition, he helped customers find pride in their bodies and abilities.

Over three years, he was able to document with photographs the improvements his clients achieved. Not to be outdone by his customers, Joey aka J-Rod, placed fourth in his class in his first competition at the Muscle Mania World Natural Bodybuilding Championships which attracted over 230 competitors from around the world.

After his first stint as an entrepreneur, Joey was recruited to head Sales & Marketing at Syntrax Innovations, a sports nutrition supplement company in Missouri. There he was involved in the introduction of the company's new products and opened up new markets that contributed to the fast growth of the company.

He wrote ad copy, articles pertaining to health & fitness, moderated the forum on the company website and toured the country as a spokesperson for the company among other things. After about 14 months, Joey wanted to get back to the west coast. He left Syntrax to take the position of National Sales Manager at SAN, at the time based out of Chatsworth, CA. There he undertook many of the same duties as his previous company and SAN quickly became recognized as a leader in cutting edge performance nutrition supplements.

Not finding enough of a challenge at SAN, Joey decide to go into business for himself and formed MAN.


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