Lindsey Renee


My mother was diagnosed with Leukemia when I was 10 years old. She fought this battle for 18 long years. Over the course of her illness, my mom had a bone marrow transplant, two hip replacements, a shoulder replacement, and a lung transplant. She endured the oxygen machine, chemotherapy, radiation—you name it, she did it!

Over ten years ago, she was on life support and was told she only had 48 hours to live. Those words didn't mean a thing. Her will power and mental strength is what mattered. She was soon walking on the treadmill and completing daily physical therapy activities. It wouldn't matter if she was only walking 20 steps a day, as long as it was better than the day before. During her recovery, she taught my younger brother and I the importance of health. My mother touched more lives than I can count. The doctors scheduled her physical therapy sessions around patients who needed motivation to keep going. She would work out with them and build their confidence with the determination she had fueling her fight to live.

She lived a happy life for quite some time. Her drive allowed her to survive 18 years longer than the doctors ever thought possible. Why? Because she made no excuses. She didn't ask questions like, "Why me?" This was the life that was planned for her, as hard as it was to understand. She may have suffered, but she "suffered well." She was able to enjoy time with our family, watched sporting events, and took family vacations. She made every minute worthwhile.

Watching my mother fight for every breath made me stop and realize how blessed I am to have good health! Her battle came to an end this past February. My mom motivates me daily to get up and take full potential of my physical and mental abilities. I'm allowing her to live through me as I continue on this journey. She is the fuel to my fire.




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