Mauro Di Pasquale


Dr. Di Pasquale is presently a licensed physician in Ontario, Canada, and for the last three decades has specialized in Bariatric (treatment of obesity) and Sports Medicine.

He holds an honors degree in biological science, majoring in molecular biochemistry and genetics (1968), and a medical degree (1971) - both from the University of Toronto. He is certified as a Medical Review Officer (MRO) by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC), and as a Master of Fitness Sciences (MFS) by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). He is also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

He was an assistant professor at the University of Toronto for ten years (1988 to 1998) lecturing and researching on athletic performance, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and drug use in sports.

He was a world-class athlete for over twenty years, winning the world championships in Powerlifting in 1976, and the World Games in the sport of Powerlifting in 1981. He was Canadian champion eight times, Pan American champion twice, and North American champion twice. He is the first Canadian Powerlifter to become a World Champion and first Canadian Powerlifter to total 10 times bodyweight in any weight class and he's the only Canadian to ever total ten times bodyweight in two weight classes.

Over the last four decades he has had extensive exposure to athletic injuries and disabilities, and ergogenic and nutritional supplement use by athletes. As well, he operated a Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Bariatric clinic for over three decades. He has been chairman/member of several national and international powerlifting, bodybuilding and Olympic weight lifting sports federation medical committees. Over this period of time he has acted as a consultant, medical advisor, drug testing officer and technical expert on the pharmacology and pathophysiology of sports, nutritional supplement use and drug testing.

He was the Medical Director to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) and the acting MRO for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). At present he is the President of the fledgling United World Powerlifting Federation ( and the Pan American (North, Central and South America, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands) Powerlifting Federation ( He has written several books, many of which have been translated into various languages, dealing with diet, nutritional supplements and the use of ergogenic aids by athletes. Earlier books included Drug Use and Detection in Amateur Sports, Beyond Anabolic Steroids, and Anabolic Steroid Side Effects, Fact, Fiction and Treatment.

In the past three decades plus, he has been on several Editorial Boards for various fitness and strength magazines. He was the Editor-in-Chief of a peer reviewed, quarterly international newsletter titled Drugs in Sports, published by Decker. This newsletter was published in English, Spanish and Italian. He was also Editor-in-Chief of a bimonthly newsletter titled the Anabolic Research Review. Both newsletters contained information on drug testing and the use of drugs and nutritional supplements by athletes.

In 1995, he wrote two books. One of these books, the Bodybuilding Supplement Review is a review of nutritional supplements and the other, the Anabolic Diet, described an earlier version of his Metabolic Diet. This diet was aimed at bodybuilders and strength athletes. Both books were written to provide information to athletes on how to increase muscle mass and strength and decrease body fat, and to offer an alternative to drug use.

In 1997, he wrote Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete - The Anabolic Edge published by CRC Press was released in October 1997. The new edition of this popular book, due to be published in December of 2007, has been completely rewritten to bring it totally up tod date and is double the size and with double the references. For more information go to He has also written and is in the process of writing chapters for several books on nutrition, sports medicine, substance abuse, fitness and weight training. At present he is working on several other books including a comprehensive nutritional supplement manual.

In the past thirty-five years he has written a few thousand articles on training, diet, nutritional supplements, and drug use in sports for many magazines and association journals. He has written for and had regular monthly columns in all the popular bodybuilding and fitness journals including Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Men's Fitness, Shape, Muscle Media, Muscle Mag International, IronMan, Powerlifting USA and many smaller publications.

From 1996 to 1999 he was involved in writing, research and product development for Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS) and Muscle Media, and was a member of the EAS Scientific Advisory Panel. He has contributed chapters on ergogenic aids, diet and nutritional supplements to dozens of fitness, weight and sports medicine books as well as books on anabolic steroids and substance abuse. For example he contributed the chapter on Anabolic Steroids in The Handbook of Substance Abuse, 1998 and edited by Tarter et al., as well as chapters on nutrition appears in Energy-Yielding Macronutrients and Energy Metabolism in Sports Nutrition and in Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport, both edited by Judy A. Driskell and Ira Wolinsky and published in 2000 and 2001 respectively by CRC Press.

His latest collaborative effort, written along with Tudor Bompa and Lorenzo Cornacchia, is the second edition of Serious Strength Training released by Human Kinetics in late 2002. In the past three decades he has been on several Editorial Boards for various fitness and strength magazines and was the Editor-in-Chief of a two quarterly international newsletter on sports nutrition and ergogenic aids.

He holds seminars and lecture all over the world on diet, nutritional supplements and training. In the past he has lectured and held seminars in dozens of cities in North America, and all over the world. He also formulates engineered, cutting edge, scientifically validated nutritional supplements for various companies that are sold under their specific labels. He has developed a number of nutritional supplements over the past few decades, working on his own and with various supplement companies including EAS, Weider, Basic Research, Euthenics International, and Optimum Training Systems.

For example, he formulated a new group of nutritional supplements meant to combat nighttime post absorptive catabolism and enhance the anabolic and recuperative effects of sleep. He is now working on developing specific nutriceuticals along with some prominent researchers from the US and several other countries. Those in the US include doctors at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

He acts as an international consultant and expert witness for amateur and professional athletes and sports bodies, private corporations and companies, and government agencies on all aspects of training, nutrition and supplementation and on legal matters relating to nutritional supplements, and the use and abuse, and drug testing of anabolic steroids, growth hormone and other ergogenic drugs.

About ten years ago Dr. Di Pasquale formed his own nutritional company and formulated a complete nutritional supplement line, which now includes over 25 cutting edge products designed to work with the Metabolic Diet and to maximize body composition (the amount of fat and muscle in the body – the idea for most of us is to minimize weight and body fat but not muscle mass), athletic performance and the beneficial effects of exercise.

These formulations were done using the latest scientific and medical information, along with the knowledge and expertise he has accumulated in the last four decades. He uses the best ingredients available regardless of costs to form products that are superior to any on the market today. These supplements, plus his book, The Metabolic Diet, and now the Radical Diet, with the 3rd edition out in the summer of 2007, along with related books and ebooks (, form the nutritional backbone of some of his new international ventures.

His MD+ line of nutritional supplements are available in many parts of the world, including North America, Japan, and most of Europe, and are featured on his two major web sites, and The goal of these sites, and several others including,, and is to provide specific and detailed training, diet and nutritional supplement schedules for all athletes and for anyone who just want to lose some weight and/or body fat.

His "Solution" series of books and ebooks center on the use of the Metabolic Diet and nutritional supplements for various sports and for fat loss in both men and women. For example the Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders, written for both recreational and competitive bodybuilders, is a cutting edge, training specific, diet and nutritional supplement guide geared to maximize muscle mass and minimize body fat.

All of the books in the Anabolic Solution series, by optimizing training, diet and nutritional supplement use, are meant to offer the athlete a drug free viable alternative to the dangerous use of ergogenic drugs such as anabolic steroids, growth hormone, IGF-I, clenbuterol, thyroid, insulin, and countless others.

His new Radical Diet Plan is meant for anyone wanting to quickly lose weight and body fat, both over the short-term and long-term, using a variation of the Metabolic Diet and his line of nutritional supplements for effective weight loss and weight management. Along with his emphasis on sports nutrition, body composition, and weight loss, he has recently developed an anti-aging line of supplements. Over a dozen supplements in the MD+ lineup supplements address the effects that stress and aging have on the mind and body, including InsideOut (a formulation to rejuvenate and heal skin, nails and hair), InControl (for increasing concentration, memory and cognition), TestoBoost, GHboost and Metabolic (for optimizing the sex hormones and insulin, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary function), LipoFlush (for weight and fat loss and maximizing body composition), Joint Support (for decreasing inflammation and degeneration, and increasing strength and function of joints, muscles and tendons), ReNew (for decreasing inflammation in the body, increasing immune function, and optimizing energy metabolism), Regulate (for maintaining bowel health and regularity) and the three foundation supplements, MVM, Antiox and EFA+ that lay the foundation for anyone interested in allaying the effects of aging.

Dr. Di Pasquale has also started up the Metabolic Diet Nutritional Certification Council, an international body that provides nutritional certification at several levels. The bottom line is that Dr. Di Pasquale is the most credible and qualified person on this planet to counsel you about weight and fat loss and on ways to maximize body composition and sports performance. He is also best qualified to formulate the most effective and safe nutritional supplements on this planet. And unlike many of the others involved in the weight loss industry, he's no flash in the pan but a pioneer in the weight loss and body composition field with expertise and experience spanning four decades.



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