Scott H. Mendelson


Scott H. Mendelson, author of the 100% Fitness Solution E book and Director of Infinity Fitness is a highly regarded performance nutrition and training specialist. In addition to designing customized programs for his celebrity, weekend warrior and executive clients, Scott works daily with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and NCAA.

Scott has built an excellent reputation providing effective supplements, cutting-edge information and unmatched service to thousands of clients worldwide since 1999. Also the special assistant to Dr. Eric Serrano MD, Scott helps with the design of training, nutrition and supplementation trials to confirm the effectiveness of protocols and expand his expertise.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many pro athletes preparing for fall competition. Creating nutrition, supplementation and training programs for the NFL, NCAA, MLB and NHL elite has been a rewarding experience.

I look forward to seeing my clients Perform every season and make their hard off season work pay off. The usual crop of NFL and collegiate football stars always keep me busy; especially during training camp which is an annual test of a players will to compete. Modern nutrition and supplementation techniques are finally catching up to the emphasis placed on training in pro sports. This important trend will become part of the norm and elevate athletic performance to higher levels than ever thought possible.

Contributing Writer to the following magazines:

  • Planet Muscle
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Health United Kingdom
  • Elite Fitness
  • Today's Man Arkansas
  • Beverly International Body Muscle
  • Natural Muscle
  • Powermag

A Few Resume Highlights:

  • Special Assistant, to Dr. Eric Serrano MD
  • Strength Coach Intern, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Head Strength Coach, Indiana University Hockey Team
  • Guest Host, Planet Muscle TV Show
  • Special Assistant, to expert strength coach Charles Staley
  • Special Teams Coach, Columbus Academy High School Varsity Football
  • Long Snapper, Indiana University and Ohio Swarm Semi Professional Team

Over the past 9 years I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Eric Serrano in an effort to enhance my arsenal of skills as a strength coach. More specifically, Dr. Serrano emphasizes nutrition, supplementation, and rehabilitation strategies for the elite athlete and weekend warrior. Dr. Serrano's unique approach enables me to see outside of the box and approach matters from a scientific perspective in order to better serve the special needs of my clients. This man is truly amazing, there are very few problems he cannot solve and as a result he is pursued by the top athletes and coaches around the USA.

I have been interested in fitness for as long as I can remember. Pumping iron in my basement to improve my performance during Middle School became a nightly ritual. Participating in contact sports including football, wrestling, ice hockey and lacrosse challenged me to improve my strength. As a poor genetic talent, weightlifting became my source of survival. I was able to compete effectively because I was strong of body and mind.

My dream of playing college football ended after suffering debilitating back and knee injuries during two short stints as a walk-on with Indiana University. Currently I weight train to increase maximal strength, improve my physique, and optimize my health. Competitive Powerlifting may be in my future, but only time will tell.

I am very excited to start my fourth season at Columbus Academy High School helping with the Special Teams and WRs/Linebackers. Coaching football is a demanding task that I plan to continue forever.

I was a technical support intern at the International Sports Sciences Association during the summer of '99. The ISSA employs some of the best fitness minds in the world, and I was very lucky to have learned from their experiences. While completing my internship I earned the following certifications.

Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) Specialist in Sports Nutrition (SPN) Specialist in Sports Conditioning (SSC)

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to train with world-class trainer Charles Staley during the summers of '99 and '00. Charles writes for many magazine and Internet publications while training world-class athletes. I continue to consult with fitness experts to improve my own knowledge.

Mark Phillipi has become a house-hold name while competing in Worlds Strongest Man contests. Mark is the Head Strength Coach at UNLV, and I was very fortunate to work for him as an intern during the summer of '00. Working as a strength coach was a great experience because I was able to interact with many different types of male and female athletes. Most of my time at UNLV was spent with the Bowl Champion Football team (8-4).

During the fall of '00 I finished my first season as a Football coach with Jackson Creek Middle School of Bloomington Indiana. During the Winter of 01 I was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Indiana University Hockey Team while managing comprehensive programs for a wide range of consultation and personal training clients. Finally at the start of the new year I will be contributing to the new Genetics Fitness magazine.

Train hard and smart. Seek out the right information and execute your detailed plans to achieve well-defined goals.

Please contact Scott any comments or questions. Email is the best way to get in contact with me. Expect a quick response to your inquiries.


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