Katrina Humphrey


  • I have experience with many sports however my focus and competitive experience has been in gymnastics, diving, and collegiate cheerleading.
  • I have 20+ years experience with gymnastics in California.
  • I was an undefeated Northern California Junior College Springboard diver and received a diving scholarship out of state.
  • I was a cheerleader on the nationally acclaimed Morehead State University All-Girl Squad.
  • I am currently the cheer coach for Boise High School, Albertson College of Idaho, and two All-Star Senior and Co-ed squads at Idaho Cheer University at Wings Center.
  • I also teach private cheer and tumbling lessons along with individual and squad choreography.
  • I feel these three sports have led me to a place that brings fitness and body awareness as my focus in life.

Athletic Recognition and Awards

1986-89 Northern California State top 10 gymnast
1992 USA National High School Cheerleading competition 10 place
1993 &'94 Merced College Diving Springboard 1 and 3 meter record holder
1993 &'94 Northern California Junior College Diving Springboard Champion, 1 and 3 meter
1993 &'94 California State Junior College Diving Top 3, 1 and 3 meter
1993 Collegiate Scholarship in Springboard and Tower diving
1996 &'97 UCA College Cheerleading Championship Morehead State University All-girl squad 2nd place
2002 Ms Figure Reno, 1st place Qualified for Team USA National Championships Model Quest Reno, 1st place national qualifier
2002 Fitness America, 36th out of 82.
2002 ESPN Series 2nd.
2003 Fitness Universe Pagent 26


  • Top 20 Fitness America Pagent
  • Top 10 at the Fitness Amerca Pageant
  • Compete in the NPC and become an IFBB pro by 2004
  • 1997 Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine - Morehead State University
  • Collegiate Sports Athletic Training
  • EMT Certified


  • YMCA personal tainer, 6 years
  • Body Sculpting Instructor, 4 years


YMCA Fitness Specialist:

  • Member and corporate
  • Fitness testing
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Principle of Health and Fitness
  • Strength Training Instructor


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    I feel fitness is a passion and a confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - which is truly the best simple pleasure.