Sachin Premji


Regarded as one of the most successful young trainers in the industry today, Sachin Premji at 17 is the proud owner of SPFitness possessing an array of qualifications that most instructors thrive to have. These include; personal trainer, fitness instructor, vibration trainer, indoor cycle instructor, nutritional advisor and health advisor. Currently studying Sport and Performance Excellence at Stanmore College on a full time basis, he aspires to go onto a top university to study a top class sports degree.

From a young age, Sachin was an elite athlete playing badminton on a national stage from the ages of 12-15. Due to injury, he now dedicates his time to coaching people of all ages and abilities as well as those with disabilities on a part time basis. He entered the industry at just 16, shortly going onto study his training diploma at Premier International on an intense 10 week course. Having wrote articles for leading magazines such as FitPro, his passion and dedication to this ever growing industry is an asset at such a young age.

His company prides itself on achieving results quick, using the latest training methods alongside a vast array of the knowledge he poses, in this every changing field. Sachins's skill for writing developed from a young age. Constantly reading articles in leading health and fitness magazine's, made him want to publish his personal success to the public. He is now a recognized trainer and at 17, has stamped his authority down in the fitness field.