Chris Scarborough


I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and Licensed as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the State Of Alabama.

I have a BS in education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and have practiced Strength and Conditioning/ Rehabilitation since 1990.

I specialize in training young athletes (18 and under). I recently trained the 2 athletes with the fastest high school football combine times (4.42) at the 2004 High School Football Combine at Mountain Brook High School. I also trained the athlete with the greatest number of reps in the bench press (34) with 185 pounds. The interesting thing about this athlete was that his group did bench press at the end of all the other tests as well as other drills. It was late in the day and he still got 34 reps.

Personally, I trained with Christy Opara (2 time Olympian in Track and Field for both Nigeria and the USA) to develop my coaching techniques for speed development. I had an initial 100 meter time of 14.4 seconds and ran 11.8 after only 10 sessions with her.

I also do audio interviews for as well as my own website I have interviewed many coaches that currently write for your site such as Dave Tate, Louie Simmons, Joe DeFranco, Alwyn Cosgrove, Josh Henkin and many others. My articles have been featured on websites such as,,,, and others.


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