Jessie Pavelka


Jessie Pavelka is one of the country's top health and wellness experts. Jessie has received a great deal of recognition for his work on the Lifetime hit T.V. show DietTribe, Wake-up work out on Oprah's new OWN network, and his current project 'A Year To Save My Life", which will be airing this fall on Sky 1 HD in the UK.

Due to his practical approach to losing weight and changing lives he has inspired many with his passion for people, fitness, and health. Jessie has dedicated his life to the health and wellbeing of himself and those he works with. He has over 8 years of experience in the health and wellness field. He attended the University of North Texas for Kinesiology. At age 21 he teamed up with a gastric bypass physician and started his own successful personal training business for bariatric patients pre and post operation. Since then he moved into the public eye with over 25 magazine covers and countless magazine features.

Named "America's Fittest Model" by AFI, "Trainer of the Month" by and the Insider's "Hottest Trainer", Jessie enjoyed learning about the fitness industry in his days of bodybuilding and fitness modeling. Now with his focus on wellness, holistic living and helping people, his articles are published in Life N Style, Muscle and Fitness and Lance Armstrong's website, Livestrong and many more.

He was considered one of the faces of Lifetime from 2008-2010 and helped increase their web presence by 30% with his knowledge on fitness. While Jessie is known for fitness, he has also starred in shows such as "Friday Night Lights", "Rita Rocks, and has worked with Emmy award winning actress Kristin Chenoweth in "12 Men of Christmas".

"My journey through life has led me through both light and dark places and it's because of those experiences that I have learned how to work through my character defects and to help others do the same. I've realized that no problem is as hopeless as it first may seem, I've learned how to live day to day and show others how to do the same, and most of all I've learned how to just be."

Jessie is currently living in LA with his wife and baby son.