David Robson


As an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest cutting edge sports science research to further his clients' and his own training progress. Getting results in the fastest possible time has formed a major part of David's life and he has become accustomed to success at the highest level.

As owner of Elite Physique Training Studio, from which he provides martial arts, boxing and general fitness instruction, David assists people from all backgrounds to achieve their personal fitness goals. David holds a qualification in personal training from Network, degrees' in Sport and Leisure, and Psychology from the University of Waikato, and a Waikato Polytechnic National Diploma in Journalism.

David's skill for writing has enabled him to reach the masses to provide detailed instruction on the latest research and insights regarding health, fitness and sports, to assist people with their personal goals. Publications David writes for include Bodybuilding.com, Martialedge.co.uk, Muscle Training Illustrated and the topics he writes on, cover the full spectrum of health, fitness and sports.

As a bodybuilder, David placed second at the 1997 World Natural Championships in addition to high placements in 20 National and regional shows. As a martial artist, David garnered second at the 1998 New Zealand Tae Kwon Do Nationals and third at the Oceania Tae Kwon Do Championships.

"David Robson has clearly established himself as a veteran journalist of the iron game. For years, he has been writing articles on the topics of bodybuilding and exercise science in a straightforward, informative, and unflinching manner. He has a great talent for cutting through the bull; he's able to deliver useful and interesting information in an organized and thoughtful manner. His numerous contributions are a credit to the bodybuilding.com web site, and they have helped to cement its place as the premier online source of information for bodybuilding and weight training in general." -Gordon LaVelle, author, Training for Mass