Matt Simonson


I was motivated to start lifting because I hated being one of the smallest kids in my grade. When I first started lifting 8 months ago I weighted 122lbs, I worked my ass of off and over 8 months I put on about 40lbs of muscle. My body fat when I started was about 9% and now is about 11%, but I think that's not bad when you look at all I have gained and that I haven't gone through a cutting phase yet. Bodybuilding's impact on my life has been great. All the people the people that once picked on me for being small just kind of disappeared. Also, I look a lot better now then I ever have and the ladies have noticed.Name: Matt Simonson
Years Bodybuilding: 8 months
Favorite Bodyparts: Arms and Chest
Favorite Exercise: Bench Press
Favorite Supplements: Creatine
Hobbies: Weight lifting, Boxing and Rock Climbing
Favorite Bodybuilders: none

signed: Matt Simonson


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