Jeremy Shih


Jeremy Shih, "The College Fitness Coach" is the co-founder and CEO of CampusFit, a nationally recognized organization that aids, informs, and empowers fellow college students about legitimate fitness and nutrition. After an enthusiastic reception to their first feature in USAToday, CampusFit began contributing regularly to USAToday's College readership. In addition to being Indianapolis/Bloomington's Nutritional Expert for, Jeremy has been featured in Yahoo! News,, American Express Small Business, STACK Magazine, and a many other media outlets.

A full-time graduate student at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), Jeremy, a native Texan (Plano, TX) began the fitness journey from scratch (Baylor University, Waco, TX) and eventually worked for GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Gold's Gym. Pursuing his Masters degree in cello performance from the Jacobs School of Music, Jeremy knows exactly what it takes to balance personal fitness with the demands of a completely different pursuit.

When it comes to nutrition, Jeremy has almost a decade of experience with every demographic. A fitness enthusiast at heart, he enjoys all facets of living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's setting PRs in the gym, eating nutritious food, or helping friends with their workouts and nutritional regimens, Jeremy has always been known as the go-to guy for all things fitness. In addition to being "The College Fitness Coach," Jeremy also coaches at Force Fitness Performance & Training, a high-profile training facility.

In an effort to reach out to fellow college students, Jeremy co-founded CampusFit. What started as a popular college blog quickly turned into a nationwide movement. CampusFit is looking forward to co-authoring its first book with MovNat, in addition to establishing university affiliates at both Big 10 and 12 schools. In an industry where fitness and nutrition are the end goals, Jeremy believes that they are the fundamental tools that allow you to reach your personal aspirations.

When he isn't eating or working out, Jeremy enjoys reading, writing, and of course, action movies.

For more information about Jeremy or CampusFit, please visit or email You can "friend" CampusFit on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @CampusFit4U.