Ben Johnson, NASM-CPT


Ben Johnson helps everyone from athletes, bodybuilders, and world record-holding powerlifters to average Joes and Janes by simplifying the fitness world. His coaching style focuses on achieving optimal performance both in the gym and in life. To Johnson, living a life full of strength, health, and fitness while also enjoying day-to-day life and your favorite foods isn't simply possible—it's the goal. Don't live to train, train to live. Learn more about the great work he is doing by visiting


  • The Perfect Lower-Body Leg-Day Warmup

    If you're skipping your warmup on leg day, you're limiting your potential and increasing your risk of injury. Get your body prepared for bigger, safer lifts!

  • Want A Big Chest Day? You Gotta Warm Up First!

    The lines for bench space can be long on Mondays. Instead of standing around griping, use that time to do warm-ups that'll improve your performance, help you avoid injuries, and chill you out until a bench opens up.

  • How To Keep The Big Three Lifts From Jacking You Up

    If you don't balance out the big barbell lifts with enough strategic accessory work, you'll end up looking strong but feeling broken. Balance strength and health with this approach!