Mitch McIntyre


Mitchell Eastern McIntyre was born in Arlington, Virginia. He is a bodybuilder with the hopes of competing in and becoming Mr. Olympia. FULL NAME: Mitchell Eastern McIntyre
AGE: 31
BIRTHPLACE: Arlington, Virginia
CURRENT RESIDENCE: San Diego, Ca - August 1998
HEIGHT: 6'1"

BODYBUILDERS MOST ADMIRED: J.D. Dawadu for his size and symmetry. Craig Titus for his on stage presents and humor. Chris Cormier for overall appearance. Milos Sarcev for his generosity in giving me some pointers for the USA's. I like Flex Wheeler because he kind of reminds me of myself, conservative and not as outrageous as most bodybuilders. He seems really down to earth and willing to help others.

BEST BODYPART: My entire body looks great off-season and pre-season. I just need to keep my size during the carb. depletion phase.

WORSE BODYPART: Once again I don't think I have a "WORST" body part, however I do believe I need to beef up my calves a little.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: My favorite body parts to train are my quads and hamstrings. I love the fact that it is the only body part that can move huge amounts of weight and it also gives my body that complete symmetrical package everyone admires.

LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE: Triceps. I have a problem with tendonitis in my elbows, so I'm limited in certain tricep movements. Fortunately, whatever exercise I execute keeps my tris as big as they are.

TRAITS I ADMIRE IN OTHERS: I admire people who work hard for what they want whether it be in bodybuilding or whatever their interests maybe, and those who give back what they learned to those who are struggling.

WHAT I DISLIKE ABOUT BODYBUILDERING: The smack talk and animosity bodybuilders have toward one another. It's almost like it's turning into the WWF.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: I mainly like to watch educational documentaries. Occasionally I may watch Fear Factor and ER.

FAVORITE ACTORS: Denzel Washington, Mark Walhberg, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Angela Bassette.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Everything except country music.

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza, Chinese, Sushi, and everything there after.

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BODY BUILDING CONTEST ENTERED: Placed 2nd at the 1989 AAU Maryland State Bodybuilding Classic tall class. The same year placed 2nd at the NPC D.C. Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championships in the men's open light heavy weight class. Took a year off to bulk up and placed 3rd place at the1991 NPC D.C. Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championships in the heavyweight division. Placed 2nd at the 1992 NPC D.C. Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championships. In 1994 placed 3rd in the heavy weight class at The Winchester Open Bodybuilding Championships in Winchester, Virginia. Placed 3rd place in the men's open heavyweight at the 1996 Body Rock Classic in Potomac, Maryland. In 1998 placed 1st place in the super heavy weight class at the Kevin Levrone Full Blown Bodybuilding Championship in Glen Burnie, Maryland. In 1999 place an embarrassing 15th at the NPC USA's in Santa Monica, California. Placed 1st and overall at the 2000 Border State Bodybuilding Championship in San Diego, California. In 2001 placed 8th at the NPC USA's in Las Vegas, Nevada.

HIGHLIGHT OF CAREER: My true highlight will be making it to Mr. Olympia and winning. However, so far my highlight was winning the Border States in 2000, and then moving on to taking 8th at the USA's.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF CAREER: More like biggest embarrassment of career, placing 15th at the USA's in 1999. I didn't know what I was getting into. I came in too light (238 pounds), for my height and weight class (super heavy) and flat. All these years of competing you would think I knew how to diet, however that wasn't the case that year, I was rudely awakened so to speak.


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