Brenda Kelly


Brenda works out of L.A. acting, modeling, writing and traveling to health and fitness contest and trade shows. Along with Pinnacle and IDS, Brenda also works with, Chapman Media Group, Xyience, Gamma-O, Egg Whites Int'l, Natural Muscle Mag., American Curves, Pharmagenex, Lindsay Productions, Fame, Ironman Mag., Joe Wheatley Productions, and Heavener Entertainment.

Brenda is a Hot Hardbody Hollywood Producer! I have my own production company. Brenda Kelly Productions. She has produced a kick ass commercial for "Sharp Dressed Man" Starring Bob Cicherillo.


Fitness Director 17 years
Polynesian Dancer/teacher
Brenda Kelly Productions - CEO
Hawaii Workout Video release - 2004

Fitness Model:

International Fitness Magazine Cover Model
Features: Lingerie, Swimsuit, Hot Body

Published Writer:
Monthly Column: Natural Muscle Magazine


Fitness/Figure - Stage Polish
Iron Man Fit Expo

  1. Women's Training from Beginning to Pro
  2. Fitness Marketing and Modeling
  3. Fitness Over 40

NIKE Body Elite team

  1. Competition How to Guide
  2. Body Sculpting
  3. Hi/Lo Intensity Aerobics


SAG eligible
Dodgeball - 2004 release
Close Encounters of the 4 kind - filming summer 2004
Soulrippers - filming summer 2004
The Surplus Male - 2003

Event Hosting: Super Party
Orange Co. Classic
Tournament of Champions
Body Rock
Muscle Beach Classic

Hobbies: Travel, dance, shopping

Brenda stays fit with 4-5 cardio sessions a week and works out using weights 3-4 times a week.

Motto: Stay Healthy and Fit. It's worth it!

For more info on me, go to!Born: Honolulu, Hawaii
Birth date: January 13 (Capricorn)
Raised: Seattle/ Northwest area
Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Single! (No Bob. Good for every man in the universe!)

Brenda Holds 5 titles:

2000 International Fitness Pro
2000 ESPN2 Series (swimsuit round 1st)
1998 NPC Northwest Women's Fitness
National Aerobic Championships (solo and mixed pairs)


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