Jesse Cannone


Having worked with hundreds of individuals he has developed a ?to the point? style and approach to fitness that has helped many people weed through all the weight loss and fitness hype and learn what really works.

Mr. Cannone has a strong passion for helping people educate themselves about health, fitness, and their bodies. He is a national fitness presenter and author of numerous fitness publications including ?Fitness Success News? a bi-monthly newsletter, A Bride?s Guide to Fast Fitness + Weight Loss and ?Burn Fat FAST!? a very popular weight loss guide.

Mr. Cannone spent several years working in health clubs as a personal trainer and now owns Achieve Fitness & Rehabilitation, the ONLY fitness company in the area to offer its clients guaranteed results? or their money back! You can learn more about his guaranteed fitness success programs by visiting his website or by calling 240-731-3724.

Jesse Cannone is available for interviews. Please call 240-731-3724 or by email for more information. He can also be reached by mail at the address below:

Achieve Fitness
13521 Ambassador Drive
Germantown, MD 20874


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