Personal Trainer Of The Month


We spend a lot to time at showcasing the best athletes, training programs, nutritional plans, motivators and all you could ever know about correct supplementation. But the amount of success you have could be limited if you don't have a great personal trainer pushing you in the right direction to succeed. To highlight personal trainers we're going to award one trainer each month the Personal Trainer of the Month Award.

If you know of another trainer who stands out – someone who puts their clients on a fast track to success – please send me an email at so that we can showcase trainers who are worthy of such a distinction.


  • Personal Trainers Of The Month: The Educators

    Meet three personal trainers who are committed to teaching the ins and outs of fitness to anyone in need, from kids to physique athletes to other trainers!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Stacey Alexander

    Stacey Alexander is taking the IFBB bikini circuit by storm with top-five finishes in the last Olympia and Arnold. She's also a personal trainer with a top-notch facility in Las Vegas.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Dan Barker

    This former swimmer learned that he had a penchant for physical training. Now he trains personal trainers how to get better!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Kathy Laucius

    Goals can change in a hurry. One minute you're thinking about getting fit and the next thing you know you are training your friends and neighbors.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Michael Marchese

    To help people advance toward their mental and physical thresholds, Michael will use every tool in the trainer's toolkit. He teaches physical fitness that has no borders!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Dewayne Malone

    A lifetime in fitness took Dewayne from Kansas to Texas, from amateur to pro, and from obscurity to prominence. This is growth. This is fitness.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Megan Miller

    Physical fitness is important to people for more than aesthetic reasons. Trainers like Megan help people discover better health and looks!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Ella Magers

    Personal trainers can make or break your transformation ambitions. The right choice leads to victory. The wrong choice may slow you down.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Vlatka Dragic

    When Vlatka moved from Croatia to Australia she had to adjust her life. Now she teaches her clients how to do the same with their bodies.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Tasha Wall

    When Tasha achieved a personal weight loss goal, she felt the inspiration to share what she learned with others. She became a trainer, and now guides new weightlifters to the promised land!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Marsela 'Ella' Ilic

    You want a trainer who shouts ‘yes!’ when you want to say ‘no,’ and then screams ‘no!’ when you’re craving to say ‘yes.’ Crush doubt and elevate yourself with help this IFBB figure competitor!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Tiffany Boshers

    When Tiffany moved to California, she found a place where a trainer can flourish. Her experience in athletics now guides others toward fitness!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Dylan Clagg

    He grew up in a tiny mountain town where fitness is barely on the radar. But this didn’t stop Dylan from pursuing a career helping athletes achieve their best!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Nick Barr

    Personal trainers must fit the client's needs. Adapt or get passed by. Nick chooses to take the lead, and his clients choose to follow.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Alex Carneiro

    Personal trainers have power to help or derail their client's goals. Alex understands his responsibility as a guide toward fitness success.

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Jada Kelly

    This busy trainer, teacher, mother, and bikini competitor knows how to carve out time to make sure her clients meets their goals!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Ryan Welborn

    Meet an up-and-coming personal trainer who brings a strong background in collegiate strength training to athletes and everyday people alike!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Chris Kaag

    The Marine Corps uses rigorous training principles that can break the best of us. Chris Kaag helps his clients successfully bring that intensity to their own lives!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Emily Zaler

    Emily was a soccer standout until injury put her on the sidelines. Now she's found a new 'whey' to win as a personal trainer and nutritionist!

  • Personal Trainer Of The Month: Justine Moore

    She keeps her clients busy with a steady diet of supersets, intervals, and circuits. She also keeps herself busy with a bourgeoning side career in modeling.