Joel Marion


Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT is a body transformation coach who has helped thousands of individuals change the way they exercise, eat, look and feel-worldwide.

In 2001, Joel got his start in the fitness industry by gaining 22.5 lbs of solid muscle in the 2001 Body-for-Life Challenge (before and after pictures top left), and since then has packed on more than 70 total pounds of muscle to his frame.

Joel currently serves as a member of the Men's Fitness Training Advisory Team and has authored more than one hundred fitness and nutrition articles for popular newsstand and web-based publications.

With regards to his professional education and credentials, Joel is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of The College of New Jersey holding degrees in both Exercise Science and Health Education. He is also certified as a sports nutritionist and personal trainer through the nation's premiere certification agencies, the International Society of Sports Nutrition and National Strength and Conditioning Association, respectively.

Through his Premium Web-based Coaching program, Joel has worked with individuals in more than 30 countries and from a vast array of professional backgrounds including doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, models, athletes, college students, and plenty of 9-5 working class adults.